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  1. I want to watch #Miracle in honor of the 32nd anniversary but it's not on #netflix IW. :(

  2. Today is great and productive. Brunch with Hollie, work, sushi with @TheCrazyAsian , and wrap up the night with a Wings game.

  3. Hollie's going to Bali tomorrow so we're getting in some sexy brunch before work.

  4. RT @annogus: @cumber1137 we opened it up to include notable snubs this year! Make those weenies!

  5. Conklin's on waivers. I love him but he's been a loss. Send him to the #Griffins and bring up Mac. #redwings

  6. :-J “@jacebrowning: Really enjoying the public-private conversation between @cumber1137 and @meghangriffith.”

  7. I just texted my ex and told him we could talk tomorrow but "I ain't no holla back girl". yes, I really just texted him that. #ladyballs

  8. I designed this @NIKEiD What do you think? UP

  9. RT @x3cristinaaaaaa: @cumber1137 do we have the same ex? My ex recently did the same thing! Good luck!

  10. American Idiot was motha ******* amazing! I want to see it again!!

  11. American Idiot!!!!!!!!! So excited to finally see this!!!! #broadway

  12. Banana Republic sure sells a lot of yellow clothes. #michigancity #outletshopping