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  1. 2012 Winter Semester all nighter: #check.

  2. @thekingcrane, hell, Kindl, Ericcson, and Jimmy say this on the reg.

  3. its bad that i aspire to be Sydney Carton... #foreveralone

  4. what are you worth? the people you love or the people you hurt?

  5. Trials in life, questions of us existing here, don't wanna die alone without you here. Please tell me what we have is real. #A7X

  6. i'll follow you into the dark

  7. I will learn this song. I have to! #forlove

  8. fun time at the Matt Costa concert. #mattcosta

  9. "@cyclingirish: And in Mens A, Magro spends 65 miles in a breakaway for 5th. Go Irish" Joe's the man! Congrats!

  10. ive realized im the phony, and thus my life is as sad as Bobby from saturday night fever... #

  11. #A7x – Seize The Day

    I want to slow dance to this at my wedding. How bad is that...