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  1. gdt

    Don't get me wrong, I love the confidence but what make's you so sure?
  2. gdt

    I have faith in the stars to bring this to OT and win !
  3. gdt

    I was also considering him as well.
  4. gdt

    I'm so relieved with tonight's victory that I am going to buy a Winter Classic jersey with funds that I most certainly do not have. I want to customize it so that it's a Brunner jersey since I am a really big fan of his and I already have a Zetterberg, Kronwall, Datsyuk, and Howard jersey,, However, I am worried about the slight possibility that Brunner may not be a Red Wing next year. I personally don't see us letting him go, but I don't want to move forth and buy a Brunner jersey if he isn't going to remain a Wing. What are your guys thoughts?
  5. Are we entertaining the idea that Helm could be back at some point this series?
  6. I am confident the Sharks will pass the Stars, which means we would play them if we finished in 6th place. We all know what happens when we play the Sharks in the playoffs.
  7. I wonder if giving penalties to us has become a strategy for teams when they are under pressure considering they more often than not result in short handed goals (or in the case a drawn penalty).