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  1. Icecube#91

    Game 2 Pic of Datsyuk

    thats the only one i could find
  2. Icecube#91

    Kings v. Karlstad?

    it's the RED BULL WELCOME (to europe) TOURNAMENT. they played salzburg the night before. it were three teams and the kings won both games by the margin of 1 goal. 7:6 against salzburg (the trailed 0:3 after 4 minutes) and 4:3 yesterday. looks like they defence has to improve. especially the 6 golas salzburg scored look scary to me. salzburg isn't that good.
  3. Icecube#91

    Pavel Datsyuk - new training camp pics

    is it just me, or is chelios looking very tired on pic # 13? hope he has some energy left!
  4. Icecube#91

    'C' & 'A' to move to right side of Wings sweater

    in my opinion the "C" should be worn right over the heart where it belongs. i don't like changing the position!