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    Fabbri or Zadina?

    I'd like to get in on this action... I'll pick whoever's loses. I want to use an embarrassing avatar photo. Maybe of your fat tummy with a frowny face painted on
  2. Euro_Twins

    Hall traded from Devils to Coyotes

    Well, they are leading their division... so, yes I think he did
  3. What do you mean, "my people"? Also, now that we've won, the playoff hunt can officially commence. Just had to make it fair for the other teams first
  4. I dont think anyone has said we should draft a goalie in the first round. But we've had a definite goalie need for about 5 or 6 years now and that need has yet to be filled. Whether we get an above average or elite goalie, doesnt matter. We currently have neither. We also currently have no d. It will be very interesting to see how this team gets built, since yzerman has never built a team from the ground up.
  5. Euro_Twins

    Happy Thanksgiving LGW!

    Real Thanksgiving was in October. but happy harvest festival to all you gun slinging meth addicts. Also have fun trampling each other tomorrow!
  6. Euro_Twins

    LGW Upkeep

    Dont lie. No one enjoys the crap we spew. We dont even enjoy it. Like rivalred for instance No one cares karen
  7. Euro_Twins

    LGW Upkeep

    I think we should all be mods. Then we have a ban off, we will all just ban each other until only 1 remains, the winner runs the site henceforth
  8. Euro_Twins

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    Perfect time too, mantha is out for weeks.
  9. Euro_Twins

    Athanasiou Leading The Tournament

    The least you could do is throw me a like so I feel validated. I'm going to sit in my safe space and contemplate this atrocious act of injustice. Also I'll be writing my prime minister about this. Expect repercussions.
  10. Euro_Twins

    Athanasiou Leading The Tournament

    Ok trender. that's what I'm going to call people who think they're cool
  11. Euro_Twins

    Babs got fired

    Sounds like a loser to me. Also I dont trust your knowledge
  12. Euro_Twins

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    Toews did this. Then they won the cup. Foreshadow?
  13. Euro_Twins

    Babs got fired

    Babcock and don cherry are creating a new coaches corner. Calling it poppies. That's it, just poppies I love the, I knew before everyone else, but I didnt wanna say nuffin, because I wasnt sure. Shut up buddy, you're not cool, and no ones going to go to you for hockey insights now.
  14. Euro_Twins

    LGW Upkeep

    I'll just mod myself. You're welcome. The pictures on the site will all be goku being stronger than vegeta now. You're welcome in advance
  15. Euro_Twins

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    You guys can have your harvest festival. we'll keep Thanksgiving It's really funny to make fun of Canada. When you guys need your maple syrup though, we'll be the ones laughing.
  16. Euro_Twins

    Blash replacement story

    Unpopular opinion. If Yzerman wants to send a message, firing blashill wont do it. Trade Larkin in a blockbuster deal.
  17. Euro_Twins

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    As an Italian I want to he upset about all the jokes... but I just cant because they're too damn funny
  18. Euro_Twins

    2019-20 Red Wings News, Notes & Quotes...

    Chicago trades perlini to detroit. That's all the details we have. Report: Blackhawks trade Perlini to Red Wings
  19. Euro_Twins

    Big E Appreciation Thread

    No. The words are different. Basically nickelback of the 70's/80's
  20. Because they're THAT bad. 1 of their 2 wins was against us. Which makes us also THAT bad.
  21. Euro_Twins

    Big E Appreciation Thread

    I think he was over appreciated long enough.
  22. Euro_Twins

    Big E Appreciation Thread

    It's slow in parts. Just like any tool song since aenima. 7empest pneuma and invincible are not slow songs though.
  23. Euro_Twins

    Big E Appreciation Thread

    It's their most complicated album they've made. The drumming is absolutely insane. The whole album is hypnotic, fear inoculum took 3 different guitars to record. The base lines are amazing. It's not heavy, like undertow or 10,000 days. It's not as captivating as lateralus or aenima. It's just a completely different journey. it does take a few listens to really begin to appreciate it though.