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  1. Crosby or no deal... Amiright guys?
  2. By really well do you. Mean he'll have a 15 point year next year? Or do you mean maybe he'll get a point this year?
  3. Smith for shattenkirk. Make it happen Kenny boy
  4. Looks cool! Ill have to check it out later. Thanks for sharing this.
  5. 39.88 seconds average for ott, 39.62 for glendog
  6. Ott. At least he will fight. Glendening brings nothing to the team.
  7. Can't be sent to the minors without waiving him.
  8. 34 saves on 36 shots... He didn't blow anything. The only reason we won was because of him. So win doesn't get us the row, but we still get 2 points. And if they're going to try to make the playoffs still, they take them any way they'll come.
  9. At least we can win in shoot outs
  10. Trouba can't be a ufa until 27 years of age or 7 years in the league... So that's not really true
  11. Yes Holland needs to go. Ive been as big of a supporter of Holland as anyone, but his time is done here. I just want to know why everyone is acting like yzerman will be the saviour we've all dreamed of? I can make 40 trades, but that doesn't guarantee me a cup either. Yzerman hasn't gotten the team a cup. He's got close but no cup.
  12. What has yzerman done in Tampa to be considered great? They are in the basement with us, even though they have stamkos and hedman they've never had a good enough team to go all the way, even with 2 centerpiece players, and stammers discount contract.
  13. At the wake for aunt, and I got a message that Mr. I has passed on. Rough day. You will be missed, great owner, and a great person! Rip, you will be missed
  14. As ken Holland I can tell you, we will be making every attempt to trade for a top pairing defenseman but only if the deal is right! We are proposing a deal of riley Sheehan for Duncan Keith and the streak is super duper important to management so I have to try. Ok so I've kicked some tires and I waved mike green to sign Ian white. We feel his veteran presence and his past experience with our team will serve us well on our road to the playoffs. And we got him for a measly 6 million dollars a year for 6 years! Stammer is still injured isn't he?
  15. I am ken Holland, and I approve this message! Hitchcock IS too fat to coach here. We like our team. We are planning on offering blashill 10.7 million dollars per year for 7 years. He has the bmi were looking for here in Detroit to be a competitor. (Also since when are emojis not allowed?)