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  1. Euro_Twins

    12/6 Trying GDT - Ref Wings @ Maple Refs - 7:00 PM ET

    Get crl to use his magic powers
  2. Euro_Twins

    12/1 Assachusetts GDT - Red Wings @ Bruins - 7:00 PM ET

    If anyone has a clip of Rask looking like a fish out of water I would appreciate you posting it up.
  3. Euro_Twins

    Rumors Thread

    Probably more. They need to get rid of Marleau somehow.
  4. Euro_Twins

    Rumors Thread

    Aside from old contracts I don't really know of any 80 point guys at 6.9. Hes overpaid now but not by a ton. 6 would have been fair, 6.5 is still ok, 6.9 is slightly high
  5. Euro_Twins

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    30 goals, 50 points
  6. Euro_Twins

    12/1 Assachusetts GDT - Red Wings @ Bruins - 7:00 PM ET

    Kronwall doing be slow things
  7. Euro_Twins

    12/1 Assachusetts GDT - Red Wings @ Bruins - 7:00 PM ET

    This game is fun to watch Anyone have a clip of rasks dive?
  8. Euro_Twins

    Canada Goose Attacks & The Proper Defensive Strategy

    My real question is who is sending you these PMS every year?
  9. Euro_Twins

    PS4 Games for family...

    We don't extort people. We just make sure things run smoothly, according to how we want them to. Sure we take a little cut of the action, but that's only fair. We have to be paid for our services. Breath of the wild for the switch was amaze balls
  10. Euro_Twins

    PS4 Games for family...

    You can die
  11. Euro_Twins

    PS4 Games for family...

    I usually play on my own. Only multiplayer games I have are cod and sports games
  12. Euro_Twins

    Red dead redemption 2

    Go back and see if the bear is there again. It should automatically transport to the trapper. I always manually save after getting anything of note, or before a big mission just in case. I finally beat the game it's amazing. I would suggest going back to the snow you can get a white arabian horse that's super fast (look it up) and a legendary bison that's easy to kill and gives you a goofy looking bison viking hat
  13. Euro_Twins

    Extension choice if you were GM.

    Gotta go with my boy Howie. We don't have another goaltender in the pipeline who can be a starter. Gus can be replaced, and we have bylsma to replace blash if need be
  14. Euro_Twins

    Howard = Average

  15. Euro_Twins

    Howard = Average

    iM LIke OnE meME AwaY FrOm LOsiNg mY JUniOr MoD PoSiTIOn, SORry