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  1. Euro_Twins

    Former Red Wing, Greg Johnson, Dead at 48

    Suicide. Leaving behind wife and 2 kids. That's very sad.
  2. Euro_Twins

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    Thats not how i spell tanck
  3. Euro_Twins

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    How dare you talk about Larkin and that way
  4. So zadina still sucks. Seider is washed up. And pearson is our next superstar?
  5. Euro_Twins

    Somewhere a human being put this list together

    The new iron man
  6. Euro_Twins

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    This message is brought to you by the letters g, a, & y
  7. Euro_Twins

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Like, if one player listens to justin bieber and takashi 6ix9ine, you draft that one?
  8. Euro_Twins

    Wings acquire Adam Erne from Tampa

    Anyone who has an issue with the erne trade needs to give their head a shake. Very low risk move, 4th rounders very rarely ever pan out. Not to mention you have the potential for the sesame street line? I dont care who you are, you dont pass up that opportunity.
  9. Euro_Twins

    News From Around the NHL

    Anyone see buffalo's gold jersey for the 50th "golden" season? It's actually really well done, I'd almost consider buying it myself but my fortune is currently tied up in cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless I like it
  10. Euro_Twins

    Reddit red wings thread

    I'm so sorry Jimmy. I used to like you. It's like I dont even know who you are anymore. RIP brotherman
  11. Euro_Twins

    Exciting solution to "tanking" and the draft

    This is my favourite thread now.
  12. Euro_Twins

    Larkin for the C

    Phone home #Illuminati Absolutely. Just thought it was something better than negativity to share.. So who cares. The one one piggybacking doesnt have to do all the work. So who's the real loser now
  13. Euro_Twins

    Larkin for the C

    Nothing is certain until it's for sure. - Euro_Twins
  14. Euro_Twins

    2020 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    I feel like you're trying to back me into a corner for some reason. We have a few good core players, but were not ready to contend yet. Yes we need to get a couple good draft picks, and get lucky in the lottery so we can draft a bonafide star. It's not a difficult concept to grasp.
  15. Euro_Twins

    Larkin for the C

    So I got this article on the score app. Larkin is so well spoken, and has such a good attitude. He needs to be made captain before the season starts. Larkin ready for Red Wings captaincy, knows it's out of his control