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  1. Remember when this site worked properly?
  3. LGW Jersey badges

  4. Goligoski Snipe Goal

    It counts as a shot credited to whoever touched it last.
  5. Just wanted to say that so far in 5 gp with vegas, tatar has 1 goal and a -5 lol
  6. Rumors Thread

    That's great news
  7. Rumors Thread

    Mike green traded! To: kickazz Mike green and our first for 1/3 of his shares in bitconnect
  8. I bet you were a big investor in bitconnect
  9. Rumors Thread

    No is giving a 2nd for No one.
  10. Where is the Water Cooler?

    the whole site has become unusable on mobile. Nothing works properly anymore
  11. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    What are you talking about? Two years ago he looked like our future goalie. Than his play drastically went into the sewers. So eventually they tried to trade him to no avail, then exposed him in the expansion draft and finally did trade him. Holland has been trying to get rid of him for 2 years. Problem is, no one except some people on this forum wanted him.
  12. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    What are said conditions?
  13. 2/18 GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    It was Philly that got super lucky. They had the worst odds and got the second pick. Nj ended up like 5th worse so not a huge jump compared to Philly.
  14. Peter Chiarelli's Moves

    No. Its the Canadian Harvard. He had gotten his degree in dog sledding, with a minor in maple syrup How's that working out for us?
  15. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    I'm on board. I only asked to be paid in hamster meal. Don't ask why.