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  1. I don't disagree with this. But do you think Holland is capable of trading his contract?
  2. Since they went to arbitration with tatar, they can open the 48 hour buyout window 3 days after arbitration ends right? So technically Monday they could buy out Ericsson if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Dekeyser is a defenceman. Tatar is a winger. One is a dime a dozen, one isn't.
  4. 45 points isn't worth $5.3 million imo
  5. Honestly 5.3 is a bit high. I wouldn't want him for more than 5.
  6. ovie is 5 years older. So it would be a good trade. I'm certain they would have some kind of deal in place about signing with the caps
  7. Ya after that game 6 they knew Bergman wouldn't let them win.
  8. You don't think they could get a better package than that? Ovie for tavares would be a plausible deal. No way Tampa gets tavares for those two. If so we can rival that deal no problem
  9. Aside from the aforementioned years, 2009. I'm surprised it wasn't brought up but we should have won. It was for me just as heartbreaking because the no gave the cup to Pittsburgh and robbed us.
  10. This is a rumour with nothing substantial to back it up. When it becomes more than rumour we can discuss the greatness of it. Lets not start talking like this trade is even on the table yet.
  11. That's probably where the McCollum signing comes in.
  12. That's a lot of effort by him to avoid being banned just to come on here and troll. Gotta give out props for the effort level lol
  13. It tastes like chicken
  14. Yup, do you have a safe place I can hide? Maybe if we put our bills together, we can axe out a plan to save everyone's feelings?