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    Robby Fabbri Extended

    Honestly kip. Your opinion is basically useless. Every gm probably overlays a little for a few players. You seem to think yzerman has some track record of over paying all these garbage players. If that were true how did he build a beast cup contending team that's 100% cap compliant? And dont give me the no tax garbage
  2. Euro_Twins

    LGW Member Zoom Discussions

    Calm down ladies.
  3. Euro_Twins

    Robby Fabbri Extended

    Omg it's a 2 year contract. Get over it. It in no way hurts the team. If he plays poorly we get burned a little bit. If he plays really good we win. We have tons of cap, and nothing to spend it on anyway.
  4. Euro_Twins

    Robby Fabbri Extended

    It's a 2 year contract and we dont need the cap space. Are you really that concerned? Decent signing. Hopefully he continues to play well
  5. Euro_Twins

    Pride and Player Sexuality

    I'm Canadian, sup?
  6. Just a dumb unsubstantiated rumour. there's no way they get away with that.
  7. Some of us were smart and stocked up a while ago love from Canada
  8. That was not a 100mph shot. They obviously didnt want to embarrass him with the real number.
  9. Euro_Twins

    Fabbri or Zadina?

    I'd like to get in on this action... I'll pick whoever's loses. I want to use an embarrassing avatar photo. Maybe of your fat tummy with a frowny face painted on
  10. Euro_Twins

    Hall traded from Devils to Coyotes

    Well, they are leading their division... so, yes I think he did
  11. What do you mean, "my people"? Also, now that we've won, the playoff hunt can officially commence. Just had to make it fair for the other teams first
  12. I dont think anyone has said we should draft a goalie in the first round. But we've had a definite goalie need for about 5 or 6 years now and that need has yet to be filled. Whether we get an above average or elite goalie, doesnt matter. We currently have neither. We also currently have no d. It will be very interesting to see how this team gets built, since yzerman has never built a team from the ground up.
  13. Euro_Twins

    Happy Thanksgiving LGW!

    Real Thanksgiving was in October. but happy harvest festival to all you gun slinging meth addicts. Also have fun trampling each other tomorrow!
  14. Euro_Twins

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    Perfect time too, mantha is out for weeks.
  15. Euro_Twins

    Babs got fired

    Sounds like a loser to me. Also I dont trust your knowledge
  16. Euro_Twins

    Babs got fired

    Babcock and don cherry are creating a new coaches corner. Calling it poppies. That's it, just poppies I love the, I knew before everyone else, but I didnt wanna say nuffin, because I wasnt sure. Shut up buddy, you're not cool, and no ones going to go to you for hockey insights now.
  17. Euro_Twins

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    You guys can have your harvest festival. we'll keep Thanksgiving It's really funny to make fun of Canada. When you guys need your maple syrup though, we'll be the ones laughing.
  18. Euro_Twins

    Blash replacement story

    Unpopular opinion. If Yzerman wants to send a message, firing blashill wont do it. Trade Larkin in a blockbuster deal.
  19. Euro_Twins

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    As an Italian I want to he upset about all the jokes... but I just cant because they're too damn funny
  20. Euro_Twins

    2019-20 Red Wings News, Notes & Quotes...

    Chicago trades perlini to detroit. That's all the details we have. Report: Blackhawks trade Perlini to Red Wings
  21. Euro_Twins

    Big E Appreciation Thread

    No. The words are different. Basically nickelback of the 70's/80's
  22. Because they're THAT bad. 1 of their 2 wins was against us. Which makes us also THAT bad.
  23. Euro_Twins

    Big E Appreciation Thread

    I think he was over appreciated long enough.