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  1. 32 minutes ago, GMRwings1983 said:

    If they pan out, sure.  Nobody knows how good any of these players will become.  There's never been a draft where even one-half of the first round wasn't a bust.

    We only need our 2 players to pan out. The rest of the round can be busts

  2. 13 hours ago, Akakabuto said:

    Too bad Edvinssons options are NHL or AHL. I’d rather have him playing in Frölunda than Griffins. 

    Why is that? He needs to learn and adapt to the north American gane. Being in frolunda slows his development further

  3. Just now, big man said:

    Okay, but what do you expect those text messages to say?

    They're going to say crap about what restaurant/bar they met up to eat at. Then it's gonna be a bunch crap from Brad about "don't tell anyone it's our little secret". The only threat I heard about was made face to face.

    Also the woman is supporting Brads side of the story. That would have been, and is, damaging to Kyle's story.

    Brad can be a dirt bag, and Kyle can be spinning this too. It's not one or the other.

    Honestly this isn't even about who did what. This is about a company that's worth a billion dollars, burying a sexual assault claim by one if their employees so they could focus on hockey. This is about the mishandling of what should have been a cut and dry procedure. Instead they chose glory and fame over players safety. 


    Don't forget they let him resign, gave him a letter of recommendation and deleted his employee files so there are no records of anything. 


    If you think they handled this correctly then this conversation is finished. 


    I'll let the court decide whether or not the sex was consensual or not. 

  4. 1 minute ago, big man said:

    What do you think they would have proved? It's a case of he said she said. Maybe they get more statements from other employees saying yeah Brad is creepy.

    Then what? Force him to re-sign or fire him? Yeah they did exactly that.

    They would have been able to get text messages at the time (they're no longer able to get them because the phone company doesn't keep records that long) and using the texts they could deduce whether or not he was a willing partner in the activity. Testimonial from the woman at the bat, I mean they could literally have done this exact investigation they just did, but 11 years earlier and got better results. 

  5. Just now, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

    They could not prove anything. It's not defending bad behavior to say that.

    Are you serious right now? They didn't even do an investigation. Everyone knew what happened and they didn't want to deal with it. He was harassing 3 people in the organization , had they conducted a proper investigation and suspended him until it's completion, they would have proved a lot. One way or another. 


    You're literally defending a disgusting evil person

  6. Just now, big man said:

    I'm not trying to lighten the squeeze on Aldrich. He's clearly a dirt big kid toucher, who also engaged an employee beneath him in an inappropriate relationship, consensual or not.

    I am defending the Hawks some, and casting some doubt on Kyle Beach's official story. An HR problem was brought to the Hawks attention, and they solved that problem by taking action and removing Brad Aldrich. An employee who had inappropriately engaged sexually with a player. Kyle Beach had no proof of what happened and didn't even contact the police about it. But Brad did admit the two engaged in consensual sex. That's enough to force him to re-sign.

    What more did you want them to do? Have the Hawks call the police? Kyle didn't even do that. What is there to investigate anyway? All you're going to get is the same he said she said, only now the cops are hearing it, and it will also leak to the public. Maybe the popo can interview the girl? But she's only going to back Brad's side of the story.

    How do you propose doing this? Once he's left the organization the Hawks have no power over his career.

    If you mean they should not have given a letter of recommendation, okay, I sorta agree with you there. But there's a lot of doubt surrounding Kyle's full story, and I'm sure they were happy to give one if it meant he would resign and move on quietly without collecting unemployment on their insurance.

    The only way the bullying makes sense to me is if it's psychological. Still, I put myself in his shoes, and I'm not letting tiny dudes dry hump me for any job. I don't care if its the NHL. I'd have been out of that apartment the second he started jerkin himself, all 5ft 6 of him his souvenir bat chasing me or not. 


    What is the time lapse between the incident and Aldrich's resignation? I thought it was fairly quickly.

    I think the recommendation is neither here nor there.

    Why would the Hawks call the police for Kyle? IMO that's Kyle's business to handle. The Hawk's is the work side of it.

    I doubt teams report internal things like this to the league on a regular basis at all. They have their own HR departments. And the Hawks execs did express some doubt about Kyle's story. And I can see why now.

    Well, the incident occurred during the 3rd round of the playoffs, he stated around until they won the cup. He got to join in the cup celebration, got to take the cup home for a day, got a cup ring, and then was asked to resign....



    That doesn't sound fairly quick to me, that sounds like a couple months maybe

  7. 13 minutes ago, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

    It was Beach's place to call the Police. He is the only one who can press charges. The cops wont investigate if Beach doesnt want to go thru the criminal justice system. 

    Reporting Aldrich to the league and/or police could open the team up to lawsuits from Aldrich. It was Aldrich's word against Beach's. Taking the accusations outside of the team, and going to the league about it, could give Aldrich reason to sue the BlackHawks as he could argue that his career was damaged by reporting unproven accusations that should have been kept in house.

    It's not fair, but labor laws favor the worker in these situations. The same thing has happened with teachers and doctors who have been accused of serious wrongdoing. It's just easier to pass the buck if you cant prove they did anything wrong.


    Nope. Reporting an incident your employee reports to you, to the league, would not open them up to a lawsuit. The incident was reported. Burying it was the thing that opens you up to a lawsuit, like literally they are being sued. 


    I don't understand how people can be making excuses for this s***. This is 100x worse than anything babcock did and he got dragged hard for that. 

    He went to the team for help, the hr department for help. Their job at that point, even if you say they can't call the cops, would be to assist him, and help him file a police report, if that's what he wants to do. Not parade the secual predator around like a show dog in front of the kid

  8. 1 hour ago, big man said:

    TDA with 5 pts in 6 games

    Kotka with 2 pts in 6 games

    The Caniacs are dumb geniuses

    And when kotkaniemi has his pay cut in half, they'll have lots of cash to give D'Angelo a pay raise too

  9. 1 hour ago, big man said:

    My question for you, and anyone, is what should the Hawks have done differently?



    Probably not buried it, suspend the coach immediately pending an investigation to start. Report it to the league, don't just say we're trying to win the cup and don't want to deal with it. 


    FYI aldrich did this to multiple people after beach, including an intern, and a young person he coached after being let go from the Hawks. So ya, I'm sure he's just a great guy

    48 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    this is my point.  "Threatened his career"?  What career?  Never heard of either of these guys.  Something else happened here.  We arent getting the full story.

    He's not.  He's trying to convince you that it's absurd to think that a 55 year old 5'7" 160 lbs video coach could physically bully a 6'3" 230" 18 year old in peak condition.  

    I'm not sure if you are aware, physical strength doesn't always mean everything. Beach may be weak mentally and was made to feel like a small person, who would have no hockey future if he didn't cooperate. 


    Had he said no and left, aldrich probably goes to the executives of the team and makes up some bs story to get him removed from the team, because obviously they cared more for him than a prospect anyway, they would have believed it

  10. 7 hours ago, big man said:

    Haven't been to Canada yet, but will go in about a month

    So far every customs agent I've dealt with has barely even glanced at my vax card, some didn't check it at all. I could have flashed a dinner receipt at 100% of them. Like you say, it's not really law, and there's no way to even verify if the things are even legit. At least the American ones.

    My guess is Bertuzzi just gets denied entry into Canada at the most. But he's also a Canadian citizen... is Canada really not gonna let one of their own come home?

    He would have to quarantine for 2 weeks every time he had to cross the border since they can't legally deny him 

    But I thought we were talking about Kane and his fake vax passport

  11. 2 hours ago, 55fan said:

    Just a question:  What would have happened had he attempted to go to Canada unvaccinated?  In that case he would have been breaking a federal law rather than just a team/league mandate.  He would have been in trouble, but would the team or league have faced any legal trouble?
    Just curious.

    This place is safe.  Kip and I will never have sex.

    It's probably just a fine, since it's not really a "law" 

  12. 6 hours ago, Akakabuto said:

    TIER 1: Projected elite NHL player

    1. Andrei Svechnikov, LW (No. 2 pick)

    TIER 2: Projected bubble elite NHL player and NHL All-Star

    1. Rasmus Dahlin, LHD (No. 1 pick)
    2. Quinn Hughes, LHD (No. 7 pick)

    TIER 3: Projected NHL All-Star

    1. Brady Tkachuk, LW (No. 4 pick)

    TIER 4: Projected top of lineup player

    1. Joel Farabee, LW (No. 14 pick)

    TIER 5: Projected bubble top and middle of lineup player

    1. Ty Smith, LHD (No. 17 pick)
    2. Kirill Marchenko, RW (No. 49)
    3. Grigori Denisenko, LW (No. 15 pick)
    4. Rasmus Sandin, LHD (No. 29 pick)
    5. Nils Lundkvist, RHD (No. 28 pick)
    6. Barrett Hayton, C (No. 5 pick)
    7. Calen Addison, RHD (No. 53 pick)
    8. Jesperi Kotkaniemi, C (No. 3 pick)

    TIER 6: Projected middle of lineup player and starting goaltender

    1. K’Andre Miller, LHD (No. 22 pick)
    2. Noah Dobson, LHD (No. 12 pick)
    3. Adam Boqvist, RHD (No. 8 pick)
    4. Alexander Romanov, LHD (No. 38 pick)
    5. Kevin Bahl, LHD (No. 55 pick)
    6. Ty Dellandrea, C (No. 13 pick)
    7. Ivan Morozov, C (No. 61 pick)
    8. Liam Foudy, LW (No. 18 pick)
    9. Jacob Bernard-Docker, RHD (No. 26 pick)
    10. Filip Zadina, RW (No. 6 pick)
    11. Evan Bouchard, RHD (No. 10 pick)
    12. Yegor Sharangovich, LW (No. 141 pick)
    13. Sampo Ranta, LW (No. 78 pick)
    14. Vitali Kravtsov, RW (No. 9 pick)
    15. David Gustafsson, C (No. 60 pick)
    16. Oliver Wahlstrom, RW (No. 11 pick)
    17. Joe Veleno, C (No. 30 pick)
    18. Rasmus Kupari, C (No. 20 pick)
    19. Ryan Merkley, RHD (No. 21 pick)
    20. Jan Jenik, C (No. 65 pick)
    21. Alexander Alexeyev, LHD (No. 31 pick)
    22. Jonatan Berggren, LW (No. 33 pick)
    23. Akil Thomas, C (No. 51 pick)
    24. Benoit-Olivier Groulx, C (No. 54 pick)
    25. Joel Hofer, G (No. 107 pick)
    26. Lukas Dostal, G (No. 85 pick)
    27. Scott Perunovich, LHD (No. 45 pick)

    Thank you!

  13. 2 minutes ago, kipwinger said:

    Lol, there’s a lot to unpack here. When did I act like a victim? Who did I insult? And how was I being “borderline racist”? 


    2 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    I’m gonna go ahead and hold my breath and wait for the right-wing anti-virus/vaccine brigade to rush in and defend obnoxious, entitled, money phone black guy’s right to disregard phony COVID restrictions. Surely nothing about Evander Kane will make those patriots hesitant to defend him as he thumbs his nose at COVID precautions right? Right?

    I assume the Sidney Powell press conference is taking place any minute now?


    14 minutes ago, kipwinger said:

    Why don’t you just call me a libtard and get it out of your system? 

    If some elementary school teacher refused to get the vaccine you’d fall all over yourself patting her on the back. Again, why not Kane? Refusing vaccine mandates is cool but lying to your boss about it is a bridge too far huh? 



  14. Just now, kipwinger said:

    Why don’t you just call me a libtard and get it out of your system? 

    If some elementary school teacher refused to get the vaccine you’d fall all over yourself patting her on the back. Again, why not Kane? Refusing vaccine mandates is cool but lying to your boss about it is a bridge too far huh? 


    So your plan is to bait people into insulting you, so you can act the victim? Yet you use borderline racism and insults to do it? You're just as bad or worse than any right wing anti Vax person and give liberals a bad name. 

  15. 1 hour ago, kipwinger said:

    Nothing screams forthright like screaming yourself hoarse at a Walmart clerk as he desperately tries to enforce the mask mandate his company requires but your people flagrantly violate. 

    Again, if vaccines are tyranny why aren’t you celebrating this guy? Something tells me I already know the answer. 

    Calm down. 

    42 minutes ago, BarkBurgerman said:

    Cause he's black

    Can't lie, I had a fake card for a while till I got my real one. It was pretty easy to make with regular office supplies and I honestly can't tell the difference between my real one and fake one. And there's no database for these things. So he either had a really bad fake, or he got himself caught some other idiot way like an idiot.

    I caved cause I wasn't about to risk showing a fake document to travel internationally. He probably shoulda had some balls and did what Bert did, but I guess he probably can't afford to forfeit the money at this point.

    But in general, yeah I support him wanting to skirt the system on this one.

    His estranged wife probably ratted him out