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  1. eb9

    Time to blow it up and rebuild

    Maybe we could give them Cleary and Blueadams. For nothing at all, if that's what it takes. What an awful idea he's had. It's ok, we all have horrible ideas sometimes.
  2. eb9

    Datsyuk - Cleary - Abdelkader

    We're winning, aren't we? However ugly it may be, when we're winning I don't think we should be questioning Babcock's choices too much. Plus we do have those injuries. Without Fil and (bare with me, Bertuzzi), we don't have the scorers to play high scoring games. We can win low scoring games with this line, so that's why they're using it.
  3. eb9

    Would you trade for Brian Campbell?

    This is a very interesting point. Campbell's awful plus/minus might be becuase he's getting the most ice time on a bad team, and is therefore on for the most goals against. He is a top offensive defenseman, something we don't have. Kronwall is better served as a number 2 offensive man. I don't think anyone would say Rafalski wasn't worth it. I guess that means I'd accept it. Cost would probably be too high, though he's good enough to part with draft picks and prospects for.
  4. It would be awesome if we could get Clarkson. I only found out about him through fantasy hockey, but he scored 30 goals last year, fights a lot, shoots a lot, is right handed. I don't know what else we could want. He's a gamer.
  5. eb9

    Bryz's new mask - cool Star Wars theme.

    I love the "Thank heavens Ryan Miller doesn't have one" line.
  6. eb9

    Bertuzzi's continuing back problems

    Maybe it's just tax pain.
  7. eb9

    Biggest mistake Red Wings have done

    They Kyle Quincey deal really didn't make much sense to me. We got back a player we already had, albeit a little bit better than when he left, but we had to give up a decent amount to get him back. I think the loyalty is a very good thing for the RW to have. In the past we've gotten quality players at a discount because of it. I am still hopefull that will continue to work for us.
  8. Leaving Brunner and Z together makes sense given their experience together playing in Zug before the season. I actually don't know why they aren't putting franz-dats-bert and fil-z-brun. Last year those were the lines, but samuelson played in brun's spot. I guess there will be changes galore until we get a winning streak though. As a side note (that doesn't matter at all), on NHL 13 they have Brunner as 60 overall. His play so far very much begs to differ.
  9. eb9

    Wings Looking For Defenseman

    I don't think it makes sense to give away Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, or Howard. As far as I'm concerned they are the four untouchables. That makes Franzen and Fil our two highest-value players as trade bait. I'm actually not even comfortable with trading away Fil given his great year last year. I wonder if maybe this team could work out? Brendan Smith's first full year as a Red Wing. Worst case scenerio we finish poorly, get a good draft pick, and use some cap space to get a good free agent defenseman. I know that failed last year, but I still have trust in Ken Holland. It could be a tough road, or maybe it will just be some years of having to fight for the last playoff spots.