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  1. Gladbach dominated, we didn't deserve a heypenny

  2. Amy Schumer is the definition of s*** comedian

  3. RT @TheSteveBurnio: Some s***e refereeing? In a Premier League game? are you sure

  4. RT @Philswagielka: "Evans is a disgrace for using girls as sexual objects! By the way, go and check out Ola's **** on pages 2&3" https://t.…

  5. Had a Five Guys earlier

  6. And this didn't happen to Ched? ????

  7. @ArcadeGirl64 To be fair, If Nintendo leave it any later this could be a Sega Saturn situation...

  8. RT @BBW_BFF: I would love to send Russell Crowe my address so he can visit me and explain his passions

  9. RT @Prax027: #GamerGate

  10. @Steele7xx

  11. I got in ONE little fight and my mom got scared!

  12. Wonder if there will be a new #PES2014 trailer on Thursday with the engine unveil.

  13. Downloaded Bonkers Vol.1 Silver Edition. Making Monday a wee bit easier.

  14. Got every episode of Fresh Prince ever made... #Awesome