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  1. This was absolute HELL. #PS4share

  2. #PS4share

  3. #PS4share

  4. #PS4share

  5. Why have they used a photo from a pre-season game nobody went to?????

  6. @ScotlandSky @SkySportsNewsHQ No Aberdeen on the screen????? Odd decision.

  7. @pioneerspine does it again. He's a man of my own taste for sure when it comes to games.

  8. RT @YtThumbnails:

  9. @NeoGAFNewThread Thank you ni-

  10. Man, if this SEGA Forever service includes Dreamcast it's going to be arcade racer nirvana

  11. Dwayne "The Croc" Johnson

  12. 17m for a guy who sounds like he's the head teacher of an English Private Grammar School

  13. @yosp

  14. RT @pappasman: *hasn't been online since last night* *checks twitter*

  15. RT @GTPlanetNews: #ForzaMotorsport7 was "built from the ground up" for PC according to @dan_greenawalt #E32017 http…