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  1. Johan93

    Trading Filppula

    Wings trying to re-sign Filppula before the end of the season, but Filppula wants more than $5M.
  2. Johan93

    Goalie Salaries. How much is Howard worth?

    Noooooooooo Gustavsson or really anyone else there. Show Jimmy the money
  3. Johan93

    Goalie Salaries. How much is Howard worth?

    Wow, I didn't realize how fast Quick became a star. He's in his last year of the contract at $1.8M--what a steal. I see he's getting $5.8M next year, but he's definitely the most underrated goalie in terms of salary for this year. Most overrated has got to be Cam Ward. He's 30th in GAA with 2.84. $6.3M for that is not right. Lehtonen's 2014 contract of $5.8M seems steep too. I would sign Howie for 3 years for $3.75M to $4.25M. He's substantially progressed IMO from 2010-11 (2.79 GAA whew!). It's pretty cool we drafted him (64th in 2003) and he's a homegrown guy (and an American). Plus, the dude's hardly ever hurt--has averaged 61 games/season (which is basically a full season since a backup should play 15-20 games).
  4. Johan93

    anyone else kinda happy about the injuries this year?

    Yeah, seeing the young guys get a chance has definitely been great. Some of them have made themselves viable trade bait/replacements for Flip and Abs, if not a sure lock for a spot on next year's team. Tatar comes to mind for a roster spot next year. He skates his butt off every shift and is strong on the puck. Emmerton is a serviceable fourth liner. He seems to turn it over a bit, but last night versus Edmonton he put himself in great positions for scoring chances. He probably should've scored 2 goals since he had great feeds right in the slot, but you gotta give him credit for being in the right spot and sinking one of them.
  5. Johan93

    3/7 GDT : Oilers 0 at Red Wings 3