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  1. Grabovski Bought Out

    YES GRABO. The guys amazing. DId you see how they treated him last year? HE was playing on their 3rd line most of the time. He was consistently a force against Boston. He plays his game no matter who the opponent. -coming from a TML fan, I wouldn't want him to leave.
  2. i think datsyuk or zetterberg will win it. with this powerplay.
  3. in my opinion, brunner's too soft on the puck. You can see how Nyquist plays and then compare it to Brunner. IF we're gonna win, its gonna be if they get that third line going and also if the red wings from the last 5 games show up. a possible bert sighting? Who would they take out?
  4. ECQF - (5) Maple Leafs vs. (4) Bruins

    GO LEAFS GO. Bout time the center of the hockey universe got some success. It's tough to rebuild for most teams. The early 2000s leafs team was awesome. Mogilny, Roberts, Sundin! Leafs in 6. Hopefully.
  5. 2013 Round 1 Photoshop War: Anaheim Ducks

    Heres another . just had to especially after the last game .