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  1. 17yr old hockey player charged for on-ice assault.

    I can't speak to the legalities of this b/c there's just too many moving parts to even begin to think one has the "correct" answer. As for spraying the goalie. I played defense. I got into it with many a guy for less than spraying my goaltender. If someone disrespects your goalie there are infinite ways to get their attention. Give the guy a hard shove, give him a pop, get in his face. Either get in the guy's mug and offer him a chance or get your good shot in and put him to the ice. And if you go with the latter option, it's done if the guy doesn't get back up. You don't rip his helmet off and drop 8-10 bombs on him. Not for spraying your goalie. I think it goes without saying that if you do spray somebody you should at least be conscious of the guys around you and protect yourself. He did one horrible job protecting himself that's for sure. But he didn't deserve the beating he got.