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  2. Wally Crossman photos

    Oh, thank you, sir. I can't even describe how helpful your message is. I am writing an article in Russian about Wally, so I needed his photos. Thank you once again. One more thing. I discovered that back in 2003 Hockey Digest had an article about Wally. It's called "A front-row seat for 62 years in Hockeytown" by Chuck O'Donnell. If any one has this issue and is ready to share the article, it would be awesome.
  3. Post your hockey collection

    almost all of my "unusual" jerseys. i guess there's 3-4 new "alternate" jerseys were bought by me after this shot was taken
  4. Wally Crossman photos

    Hello, guys. I am new here, so pardon if i chose a wrong section for this topic. Any way, may be somebody would help me here. I need Wally Crossman photos. The only two I found are the team's photos from 1947-48 and 1996-97. I thought maybe some of you could have more. Also I hope you will help me recognioze if Wally is on this photo? And if he is, which one of non-players is him? If Wally's on this photo, maybe some of you will share a better quality/resolution version of this pic, if he has it. Thank you.