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    Sens players caught knocking coaches, laughing about team...

    He made the video public because they only gave him 1 star and he got suspended from Uber.
  2. we get some Timmy Ho's thanks to Jimmy Ho's
  3. do we get Curly fries?
  4. Nice goal you have there Canucks, it'd be a shame if someone CHALLENGED IT!
  5. Martin is a one Frk pony
  6. the face you make when you score a goal and you're offside
  7. you can thank Blahshill for that
  8. dammit Buttersson scored
  9. oops... Megan with a nice chance there
  10. Are We Fox Sports? Are We Detroit?
  11. NerveDamage

    Red dead redemption 2

    Mr. Legs, RDR2's your dream come true
  12. Show mercy toward those who have doubts (Blashill 1:22) #TrusttheProcess
  13. NerveDamage

    Moose vs. Mantha

  14. NerveDamage

    Milwaukee Mullets

  15. Ballzhill doing Ballzhill stuff
  16. NerveDamage

    Milwaukee Mullets

    what does Pewaukee mean? no Vikings visited Wisconsin? did they go straight to Minnesota? or just stayed at Stoughton Wisconsin appreciation thread was ensued. also... RESPECT THE MULLETUDE!
  17. NerveDamage

    Milwaukee Mullets

    Mulletude's Motto I was today years old when I found out that Captain Planet has a mullet