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  1. what do you mean? African or European swallow?
  2. that was straight up gangsta by Nyq, earned him the name of Gus-face Killah
  3. From the album Fandom Thoughts

    He ain't nuthing to mess with

    © @_NerveDamage

  4. Green is questionable for today. Sproul might be in Zetterberg has four goals and 12 points in his past 11 games. LGRW!!!
  5. Mrazek just sent Shattenkirk flying in a Hasek-like manner
  6. I knew I should have gone with Neuropathy
  7. Goalies were unconfirmed at the moment, so is Vanek. Lines may change LGRW!
  8. Ovie won't score tonight, Vanek and Mantha will. we desperately need that W, You can do this, go get 'em boyz!
  9. Interesting, nobody mentioning "New Center Eatery" on w Grand blvd. best chicken and waffles and breakfast in town. although it's a bit far from the downtown area.
  10. Hats and toques are $20 & up, t-shirts around $30, scarves $15 & up, sometimes there's people selling "farewell to the Joe" red t-shirts outside the arena for $10. As I saw parking is pretty expensive around the Joe, the farther away you get, the cheaper it gets, but you can spend from $20 - $35, you could park at the Greektown casino, I think it's cheap as long as you play a bit and get your ticket validated, then hop on the bus that takes you to the Joe and back.
  11. ohhh geeeezzzz....
  12. let's see how many craaaazy lineups Blash has for tonight, watchout for that 4th line taking the opening draw. Excited to see Smith back, sad to see Marchenko waived today, I wish they'd give Ericsson a little bench time instead LGRW!!!
  13. And so it begins... it kinda looks like a clover