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  1. ^ lol, $30,000 for a full day experience??? the Red Wings already have their summer training planned out for the offseason
  2. perhaps Sheahan will start scoring and we'll be out of a wild card spot by just a few points, streak will end and won't get to pick that high up on the draft.
  3. Currently playing Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. Wait a minute...
  4. as long as we end up in the bot 5 it should all be fine, just fine. It's gonna be hilarious if they end the season with a winning streak, against, mostly, cup contenders (TBL,TOR,MTL, MIN, OTT) pretty much all of our upcoming opponents, except Carolina.
  5. I knew, from all the talk around here, that this draft wasn't that strong overall, hopefully we can get a good pick that can develop into a good player, I mean, is the Red Wings development system working well? and just needs to get a chance to choose higher up on the draft I'd rather have them lose every road game and win at the Joe
  6. We'll attach frggin wings to friggin tanks driven by friggin sharks with friggin laser beams attached to their friggin heads
  7. so how is it with the lottery? even if we ended up last we could end up not getting the top pick, right?
  8. but even winning we dropped a spot, I say, let the tank be!
  9. you and me, brother! Re-re-rewind to that Mantha game winning goal
  10. Montoya looking like a puck magnet out there
  11. just when you think the Wings can get a shutout and win in regulation...