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    Red Wings die hard fan. 3D Animator, Graphic Designer, Gamer and Dog lover... but not in that way, dude.

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  1. New arena construction updates

    add all the Caesars
  2. New arena construction updates

    oh, boy! oh, boy! oh, boy!
  3. New arena construction updates

    you just got me thinking... the name is Little Caesars , it's not Little Caesar's, so... shouldn't there be many Little Caesar(s) in the logo for it to make sense? I mean, how many Caesars are out there?
  4. Detroit Right Wings

    lol, is that uncle Ruckus or does this White supremacist group is advanced enough to have multicultural individuals amongst their ranks? ^shame on the designer whom desecrated our beautiful logo. also.... lol, Go Mac!
  5. go to they might have some in the clearance section. I think they have a 25% sale discount atm. I wanted to get the x500 black, but they didn't have 'em in my size anymore.
  6. New arena construction updates

    and a bit hardcore too, don't want to think about having a bad trip surrounded by that many people.
  7. New arena construction updates

    you know it, brah! to watch the Griffs? totally. Dood, Airbnb is the way to go. I also saved a lot by switching to Geico... but that's a different story Justin disapproves dude no need to misspell it on purpose, AbdelKader is already Arabic enough
  8. Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    You, sire, are doing Lord Stanley's work. Amazing
  9. What Are You Playing?

    it might be a longshot but... Hey baby, can I buy you a potion?
  10. New arena construction updates

  11. What Are You Playing?

    Geeking out here but... Meet Linkle, personal favourite.
  12. What Are You Playing?

  13. What Are You Playing?

    Just got the Nintendo switch with Zelda and Mario kart. Quite a lucky bounce to find it here in LA. Since it's out of stock pretty much everywhere, at a decent price, mind you. Can't wait to get back home and save Hyrule, once again.
  14. What Are You Currently Listening To?

    Forgot to mention Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore. and well... what a keyboad solo by Jon Lord sorry the audio has potato quality...