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  1. the Oilers can't be giving up those pucks behind Talbot. thought the Ducks were gonna score there
  2. Silfverfbergf..fffff goal under review... good goal
  3. what a goal! Oilers up 3-1, halfway through the 3rd and Eaves makes it a one goal game.
  4. at least they didn't try to rip this one off
  5. and they did have this other one
  6. it's supposed to be a horse
  7. ...if Horks' fans could stop being so butthurt. That'd be great
  8. It's just a very large forum with thousands of sub-forums called subreddits. Each subreddit has a theme. For example I got that photo from a subreddit called r/feelthebern which is dedicated to pics and gifs of only the rarest Bernies
  9. is it BlackHawks or ButtHurts? I forget...
  10. Owen 4 0 in 4
  11. 2017 Flames Playoff jersey