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    Red Wings die hard fan. 3D Animator, Graphic Designer, Gamer and Dog lover... but not in that way, dude.

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  1. Dammit MoOoorty! we have to *burp* We have to go back! to the late 90's ...that is
  2. high af
  3. you talking about going to the Snoop Doggy Dog Concert?
  4. Jack White, a true Detroitian, will hype me up before every game next season. Lets Go Red Wings!
  5. as a Detroitian/Michigander, by association... , this gave me chills
  6. Scoooooreess!! Griffs up 4-3!
  7. just tuned into the game and the Griffs are down 3-2... Go Griffs!
  8. Currently listening to my lil bro's band "Seven Seas" EP hope y'all enjoy it
  9. Griffs take game 4
  10. I just can't get Renouf! Griffs up 3-0
  11. yay! just membered there was a game tonight, waiting for the 2nd to start
  12. Loved the Atwater's Dirty Blonde and also the Ghettoblaster, but still, Stroh's is my favourite Michigan Beer
  13. yeah! just what I wanted to read, wooo! Go Griffs!
  14. yeah McIlrath! trying to get him up the ice just to keep beating him up