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  1. Interesting about the standings

    3 points for a win in regulation is a great idea. It gives the teams more incentive to win in regulation, rather than holding out for OT. 3,2,1 is the system I would vote for. 3 for a win in Regulation. 2 for OT/shootout win, and 1 point for getting to OT. I never liked a tie, I really feel there should be some resolve to the game. Nothing like watching your time fight its way back from a 3 goal hole, only to leave the game in a tie... that's an empty feeling. Shootouts are exciting, it brings attention to our game that we all love. As much as I am not a fan of letting it come down to a skills competition, alot of people like it, and I think it's better than a tie or endless OT.
  2. According to the TV listings, XSP has the game at 2pm.
  3. Red Wings not named Datsyuk Goal Drought: 185:37

    I think the team is due for a big breakout. All these bodies coming back to play, has been a disaster to this point. Hard to create the right lines, as Sammy, Cleary and Bertuzzi are all out of sync. Datsyuk has really shown, but hasn't gotten anyone else involved. Scoring is usually contagious. I think with about 5 or so games left in the season, we will see the team start to click and come together. They just need to get organized and get the lazy legs to go away.
  4. Huds proving critics wrong

    Last season in GR, I went to around 30 games, including all but 1 playoff games. I had a good chance to watch Hudler play. He was very impressive in the AHL. I think the game 7 against Manitoba he had 5 assists, in a 5-4 Win. His offensive instincts are incredible. But he is not a good skater. He really needs to go into a system like Ellis and maybe Himelfarb did to improve the skating. A small forward with good hands can be useful... if they are quick. I'd love to see Hudler stay with the Wings, but if he doesn't improve his speed he will be trade bait next year at this time. As Babs said, he is always in the right place at the right time, and does score timely goals. His defensive game has improved since the start of the season. He is averaging 9 minutes of ice time per game. Least of any of the top 30 rookies, ranked by points, on And as was stated, 3rd in +/-. I hope we see a bright future with him in Detroit. -- "Bad Andy"
  5. Some tuff calls for Babs ahead

    Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Holmstrom Calder-Lang-Franzen Maltby-Draper-Bertuzzi Clearly-Filpula-Samulesson I don't really see a '4th' line in there. Everyone of those lines combos can create chances and put the puck in the net. Bertuzzi and Holmstrom could be swapped between draps and Dats lines. I think both could work on either line. The Calder-lang-Franzen line has been exceptionally good. I had my doubts on Calder coming here, but he has been very good and does provide an edge that this team has needed all year. Maybe an embarassment of riches. "Bad Andy"
  6. Griffins vs. Admirals series

    I sat behind you most of the year, and i would crack up every time you would yell "HEY <insert player>, YOU SUCK!" Just cracked me up...
  7. Griffins vs. Admirals series

    That really sucks. The Griffins gave me some of the best Hockey I have seen this year! The OT and Shoot-out wins, the amazing game 7 comeback! All in all a very good year. I think I made it to about 25 Regular season games, and I only missed 1 game in the playoffs(at home). They have been a tremendous team this year. I am seriously considering getting season tickets for next year. I think not having a break in between the series with the Moose wore them down and put them out. The Moose really took it to the Griffs, and they gave it all they had in game 7 to reach the conference finals. I certainly hope the Ads go on to win it, they obviously played the best hockey. Stupid short handed goals!
  8. Griffins vs. Admirals series

    I'm surprised Quincey doens't play more on the PP. Helmer has a weak shot from the point and gets beat by too many opponents clearing the zone. Quincey has had his moments of brilliant and dispair, but I'd like to see him more on the PP with his shot. Meech too, he has a cannon. Bootland, Filppula and Hudler was a terrific line last series. It has been rendered in-effective in this series. Maybe Ireland should go back to the lines he used in the season with Manlow, Mcdonell and Hudler, ect... That line produced quite often. Spread the talent a little bit, the Ads can't shut down 2 or 3 dangerous lines. I certainly hope I can go to game 5 as well!
  9. Griffins vs. Admirals series

    Yes indeed. They need to get more garbage goals. Jiri and Helmer need to throw that puck at the net when they are on the PP and let Kopecky and Bootland grab the rebounds. The only goal we have this seriers is that way.
  10. Griffins vs. Admirals series

    Totally agree. We pass WAY too much, waiting for that highlight reel play goal. They are 5-1 on the road, and maybe the Ads will get a little over confident. If we can get the 1st win, we can steamroll and let it flow.
  11. Griffins vs. Admirals series

    They are 5-1 this post season on the road... Good things can happen, yet! Anyone see Barry Trotz and Babcock at the game tonight??
  12. Ticket Info

    Thats you??? I sit in 108, with the Hudler jersey. Usually right behind the guy with the Barnes jersey! LOL
  13. Griffins/Moose Game 7!

    That was by far the best game I have been to this season(maybe ever!). The puck wasn't hitting Howard, he was moving good but it wasn't his night... I hope this doesn't buckle his confidence, he is a very good goalie and needs to learn from this. Our D cannot fall asleep like it has at times this series. They proved they can lock down a speedy team like the Moose and hold them to 1 shot, but they can't afford to give up mulitple goals and scoring chances on bad turnovers and fancy passes. In the 3rd, the Griffs looked completely different and motivated, even Quincey stopped doing stupid crap! Jiri Hudler... wow! That is why i bought his jersey! I'll be at saturdays game... Time to demote the admirals!
  14. Griffins/Moose Game 7!

    OMG that was probably the greatest game I have seen all year! what a game by the line of Bootland-Filppula-Hudler! all 3 were stars... Bring on the Ads!
  15. Round 2 Starts Tonight

    Wow, The Ads crushed Houston! I thought for sure Houston would of done alot better, at least stretched the series to 6 games or so.... If the Griffs can jump by Manitoba(which they will), they will have a tough one against the Ads!