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  1. Hi Which of the two leagues has the better players and who would win if the champions of the US college league played the CHL Champions.It would seem to me that the CHL has the majority of players that will eventually play in the NHL.However,the college teams are probably older and have more depth.I am just interested in what you think and we will never know for sure unless they play some games against each other.
  2. No Irish jig for dan cleary

    Did anybody notice that when Dan Cleary scored the go ahead goal late in last night game,which i thought was surely the winner they played the song "I can see clearly now".I hope they continue to do this.Dan has now played more games in the NHL than any other newfoundland and labrador player.Way to go Dan.
  3. Fippula

    I notice that he was a plus 1 for the night. It was nice to see stevie give him a pat on the back as they were leaving the ice at the end of the 1st period.Mickey and Ken mentioned the good play of Fippula several times. It would appears that he will make the team next year as apparently he plays a good defensive game with an offensive upside. :
  4. After the pathetic performance by the team last night it has been decided that the fathers will be sent home to be replaced by the players mother in laws LOL