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    I'm a 28 year old, single, air traffic controller at Toledo Express Airport. My hometown is Fort Wayne, IN.

    My main interests are working air traffic, weather, traveling, Jeeps, Red Wings hockey (of course!), Colts and Purdue football, photography, web surfing.

    Emerging interests are bicycling and cooking.

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  1. Sting 11

    Sting 11

  2. Sting 11

    Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

    Wait...what? Unbelievable! I figured the Wings were going to be idle in the UFA market this year, and we get arguably the biggest one out there.
  3. Sting 11

    Ole Ole Ole Ole O-LE O-LE

    Absolutely no to the Ole chant. At the very least, our chants should be in English.
  4. Sting 11

    Who's Number shouhld Get retired? All NHL?

    This is tough because every team has different standards and different criteria for choosing which numbers to retire. In general I believe the decision usually surpasses stats and playoff records and includes longevity as well as how much the player is loved by the front office, the city, and the fans. This is why I'd consider Linden a lock in Vancouver but Roy not so much of a lock in Montreal. It's also why I'd place Osgood well above Fedorov in the pecking order, although I wouldn't retire either number at this point.
  5. Sting 11

    Uniform advertisements start next season

    Had I not just endured 8 hours of April fools jokes at work, I probably would have fallen for it, but my BS sensor is in overdrive right now. It was a fantastic subject to base the joke on, though...nice one, Matt! And no, the "serious" business of air traffic control is not immune from April fools. Just ask the pilots who tried to dial an 8 into their transponders today (pilots will get this). We also had a trainee who has only been in training for a few months (but has been doing really well) tell us he was up for a certification check today...that fooled lots of us.
  6. Sting 11

    2008 NASCAR Thread

    From what I understand, it wasn't actually the oil cap missing, but the cover on the box that houses the oil tank that was's a tank within a box, and the box's cover was gone. It is said that without this cover airflow under the car changes, increasing downforce.
  7. Sting 11

    Toledo Walleye

    I like it. Better name than Storm, makes more sense for the area, and finally that childish hand-drawn Storm logo is permanently replaced. I think the colors will be okay, although I think there should be some green in there.
  8. Sting 11

    Stuart to Wear 23

    Because the people who made the scoresheet didn't know his new Detroit number yet, so they used his old LA number instead. This is common after a player has been just traded.
  9. Everybody's different, my friend.
  10. Only if I was provided a cot to sleep on.
  11. Sting 11

    Advertising coming to NHL Jerseys?

    Comparing NASCAR and hockey is comparing apples and oranges. Especially in the way money is handled.
  12. Sting 11

    Advertising coming to NHL Jerseys?

    Not in an overall sense but compared to the US in most areas, yes.
  13. Sting 11

    Advertising coming to NHL Jerseys?

    Looks like leaving Winnipeg really payed off...
  14. Sting 11

    Advertising coming to NHL Jerseys?

    It's one of those things that's awful but probably inevitable.
  15. Sting 11

    2008 NASCAR Thread

    Exactly. Combine that with no other Chevys up there to help him at the end and he had no shot. The Gibbs Toyotas were dominant all along, but in the end the Dodges were all there and got great drafting help. 7 of the top 11 cars were Dodges. The remaining four were two Toys, a Chevy, and a Ford.