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  1. Sick of Trade Rumors

    Datsyuk for Heatley? That's rich. I don't see how either team really benefits, I think they're both equally talented. (maybe a little more so for Heatley, but that's a personal opinion) But the fun thing is that trade rumors are like a train wreck, you can't look away. Eklund is by far the most fun. I think he had CuJo signed with four different teams or something. CUJO Flyers...DONE. WAITING FOR ANNOUNCMENT. an hour later... CUJO Penguins...DONE WAITING FOR PRESS CONFERENCE you get the idea.
  2. Ducks shopping federov?

    Actually, I've lived in Michigan my whole life, I'm a diehard Wings fan, but the Sharks are my #2, plus I love their logo. My extended family is from the South, (Tennessee and Texas) so I pick up on it. Anyway, we're the strongest team in the West, and I agree that Fed's is better off in Cali.
  3. Ducks shopping federov?

    We got rid of him, and look how good Draper became, Datsyuk and Zetterberg got more ice time. Honestly, the best thing we did was let him go sign that huge contract in Anaheim. I'm thinking ya'll are getting ansy because the Wings have only signed one guy. (excluding Schnieder, Chelios, Yzerman, etc.)