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    *Natalie & Nicole* Twins from Michigan. We LOVE the Red Wings and the Tigers. Our favorite players are Kirk Maltby and Brandon Inge. <br /><br />Some of our favorite shows are CSI (We ship Nick/Greg, Catherine & Warrick, Sofia & Brass, and Grissom & Sara), Power Rangers (We love all seasons and we love the slash!), Queer as Folk (The show is just amazing and Brian & Justin are the cutest), As the World Turns (We really only watch it for Luke and now Noah!), Ghost Hunters, MythBusters, Drake & Josh, Degrassi, South Park, Family Guy, and Futurama.<br /><br />As you can tell, we adore SLASH (pairing up two characters of the same sex). I ship slash for practically every show I watch! Unless of course, it's already canon. <br /><br />Just to let you all know, we love, where you can create your own Wiki's. I proudly am ivolved with 3 of them that surround my obsessions. is the official CSI fan Wiki, which I am I proud moderator of, please visit this site if you are a CSI fan! I also created two Wikis and The first is a Power Rangers Slash Wiki and the other is a Queer as Folk Wiki!<br /><br />Well, that's all I have for now!<br /><br />- twins

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  1. twins1729


  2. twins1729

    Wings have signed Meech

    I'm just glad we're actually doing something.
  3. twins1729

    'C' & 'A' to move to right side of Wings sweater

    LOL, you guys are funny, same as the new jersey, no big deal.
  4. twins1729


    Very simple, nothing extravagant. I think they're nice.
  5. twins1729

    What are you listening to? 2?

    Backstreet Boys "Inconsolible" on 96.3's Hit or Miss. LOL. Sorry, I'm just a big BSB geek.
  6. twins1729

    How many points does Zetterberg get in 07/08 season?

    I think 80 - 90 as well.
  7. twins1729

    Schneider: OUT with Broken Wrist

    Poor, poor schneider, we need him .
  8. twins1729

    Horrible Article

    I agree with you all, plus the Blackhawks and Canadiens haven't been good for a while, I'm not surprised in the least that they didn't make it. The Bruins were far from good as well, doesn't the teams playing ability count for anything?
  9. twins1729

    The Distinct Kicking Motion Goal

    I say no, it's an unfair goal, hockey isn't soccer, a goal should be scored with a stick.
  10. twins1729

    Detroit vs. San Jose

    I say Wings in six now, .
  11. twins1729

    Lilja Fight Highlights

    Go Lilja! Man, I could only watch the first period, then I had to go to work, so I listened to it on the radio and heard his fight....but I recorded to see the goals and now I remember that he had a fight and I already deleted the game! Ugh!
  12. twins1729

    Greetings from Calgary

    Come on Wings! This isn't 2 years ago, we can beat them this year! I watch and listen to every game! Go Wings!
  13. twins1729

    Great video to get any Wings fan pumped up!

    Yeah! Go Wings! Memories of Holmstrom being 95. LOL.
  14. twins1729

    4/5 GDT: Red Wings @ Blackhawks

    All I want to say is that I'm glad there are no shoot-outs in the playoffs.
  15. twins1729

    Favorite channel to watch the Wings play?

    FSN without question! Also the best place to watch the Tigers!