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  2. tubaguy

    Why the hell wont 97.1 ever discuss hockey?

    Howard is right. Hockey talk doesn't really make their phones ring. If all of the die hards called in during the segments where they talk radio than the topics would last for more than one segment and would be brought up more frequently. The only reason that you hear more hockey talk during the playoffs is because more of the fringe fans call in. This is particularly evident after a playoff loss when people freak out. Nome of this is a conspiracy theory. The stations want more caller participation and higher ratings. That's why you always can expect lion talk no matter how mundane the topic. The lions and football are more popular. Pistons fans feel the same way. Everyone is injured, they are still in training camp and no one will talk about them unless it is discussing their sale. If you don't like it than call in and don't just listen for every hockey topic. There are only a few shows worth calling in if you want a real hockey discussion. 97.1's morning show is worthless. It isn't a sports show. Stoney is a hockey fan but the other two pull him down and kill any sports cred. Karsch and Anderson can do a good job. They actually can hold good conversations, especially during the playoffs. I wouldn't mind hearing more from them because they actually watch the regular season games. Valenti and Foster... What can you say about them? I just can't stand Valenti. He talks down to everyone and has a superiority complex. I would love to punch him in the face. It kills me because that's what he wants. I also hate that he knows what he's talking about with football and mostly baseball. I can't respect his opinion on hockey. Though he may have watched the Islanders as a kid, he could care less about the Wings. When forced to talk about playoff hockey, he does whatever he can to reference other sports to carry the conversation. Foster is simply a moron. He can't carry an intelligent conversation to save his life which is apparent when he has to host the show on his own. I honestly can't understand how he is employed in any genre of journalism. Caputo and Fithian do talk hockey a lot but it is just conversation. Hockey may be Caputo's favorite sport but he is not strong at leading the conversation and is far from an authority. He does a decent job with Ken Kal on inside hockeytown (which should be available as a podcast, by the way) Fithian is obviously a fan but really shouldn't be a radio host. In August, McCarty was hired as a sub for 97.1. He has a lot to learn (on radio and on vs). Let's hope someone can teach him how to form and convey his thoughts for radio. I'd love to see him succeed based on his talent. Sean Baligian does a great job and is the foremost hockey expert in Detroit radio. He would only talk hockey, if the callers would call in. He is also an authority and fan of the sport. There's a reason why he and Ken Daniels did pre/post game on fox 2 during the 09 finals. Rome is Rome. He'll mention the NHL during an interview once or twice a year. Personally, I can't stand his ego, long pauses and clone references. Shep and Sharp is just bad no matter the topic. Shepherd may have a few good ideas but is too full of himself (for no real reason). He can't conduct an interview or talk with callers without clumsily injecting his opinion and tries to pass himself off as a media insider. Just awful. I have respect for Sharp because I think he is a smart person though he isn't particularly strong in sports. He also isn't commanding enough to drive a show on his own. Shep can talk hockey better than Valenti and Foster, if you are desperate for hockey while driving home. Good luck stomaching Sharp. Armani is not radio quality and just has an annoying voice. I haven't been able to listen to him long enough to gauge his hockey talk frequency and expertise.
  3. tubaguy

    Bryzgalov kicks an octopus

    I was at tonight's game and some time after goal 2 or 3 (I can't remember which), someone threw an Octopus and it landed near Bryzgalov. He was quite angry about the goals and kicked it. I seem to think that it happened during a commercial break; however I was wondering if they showed it during the broadcast. If so, does anyone have a photo or video? It was pretty funny!
  4. tubaguy

    Telling Stat About Datsyuk's Goal Scoring

    I agree with you that Datsyuk needs to "earn his paycheck" and bring more of an offensive presence. That is his role on the team. Right now, he is not an offensive threat to other teams. He is trying to play too pretty and needs to get a bit grittier. I would go so far as to say the same with Zetterberg. (If Zetterberg takes the puck to the net and then drives it behind the net, only to get pushed off the puck when he tries to wrap around in front of the goal mouth once more, I am going to hit the TV) Now, I do not agree with your arguement above. Datsyuk plays against other team's top lines and top D pairing. Draper plays against the opponents lesser players.
  5. tubaguy

    Tomas Holmstrom and more

    They don't have the cap space to be active at the trade deadline.
  6. tubaguy

    Kopy / Hossa connection

    Of anything, I believe this to be the reason why not to have faith in Hossa coming back. Kopy was instrumental in bringing Hossa to Detroit, last summer. It was him who talked up the organization. Kopy's brother and Hossa were good friends. Kopy doesn't think (or knows) that Hossa isn't coming back next year.
  7. tubaguy

    Injury List

    So, who had what injury? Anything leak out yet?
  8. tubaguy

    VS Announcers

    Aside from Doc Emrick's harsh voice, he is a solid play by play man. He is pretty good at becoming knowledgeable about both teams. Seeing as how he lives in Port Huron, he has an intimate relationship with the Wings. I can't stand the Vs studio guys. They are flat out morons. I also am not a big McGuire fan, although he seems to like the Wings team a bit more this year.
  9. tubaguy

    Stanley Cup Finals schedule

    What time do the weekend games start?
  10. tubaguy

    Osgood proves he doesn't deserve No. 1 spot

    I was thinking like you toward the beginning of the season; however I am now on the other side of the camp. Osgood has shown us no evidence that he can return to his 08 playoff form. From game one, when he misplayed the puck, gave it away and gave up a practically-empty net goal, he hasn't looked like his playoff self. He hasn't stolen a game, he hasn't played mediocre, he has been flat out bad. I don't think Osgood is a goalie that can just turn it on. He isn't Hasek, who was notorious for having a bad regular season and standing on his head in the playoffs. Ozzie is a year older and had a short summer. There is no doubt that he has it in him to play better, I just don't believe that it will come out this year. For the life of a "veteran" athlete, a few months can make a difference. He may be over the hill. I just hope that our only alternative isn't Conklin when Holland realizes it.
  11. tubaguy

    Sammy not practicing

    start your trade rumors...
  12. tubaguy

    Osgood is the worst starting goalie in the league

    While Conklin has looked better than Osgood, he hasn't looked at that great, baring a few exceptions. He may need a bit more time in net, but he consistently overplays situations which can create an unnecessary rebound or put him out of position. He has been a journeyman backup/poor-man's starter for a reason. He can handle the regular season but isn't exceptionally great in the playoffs or meaningful regular season games (if there are any). Osgood will be your playoff starter or will take a majority of playoff starts. That I guarantee, baring any injuries.
  13. tubaguy

    Legace injures himself on Palin's carpet

    Esteef, You are completely incorrect. Please re-read my post and see that the low-to-moderate income inctenive loans were initiated during the Rupublican-lead Congressional regime. Also, it is not Congress' job to oversee the financial industry. It is the Federal Reserve who had more direct access. The Fed was then run by Republican Alan Greenspan. I am not saying that Democrats were not to blame. Republicans simply had a greater hand. Also, keep in mind that Greenspan's actions and policy helped the financial sector to grow with minimal federal regulation. At that point, it didn't matter what Congress would have done, unless they took action before 2002.
  14. tubaguy

    Legace injures himself on Palin's carpet

    Sorry to carry this so far off topic; however let me correct you on this comment: The government did urge Fannie and Freddie to increase homeownership in moderate to low-income housing areas; however there was no forcing of this. The time that this suggestion was made to these two mortgage giants, Congress had a republican majority. Congress did not create the lending criteria, Fannie and Freddie did. Their lending criteria was too relaxed and helped create homeownership situations which likely should never have occurred. Also, keep in mind that during that time Alan Greenspan, a self-described republican, ran the Federal Reserve. His policy was to allow industry to regulate itself. Finally, Bush did veto several bills while in office, all which were mainly democrat-initiated or modified. I am not an expert on Bush or Congress, however I am an expert in home finance and the related federal and local laws, acts and related legislation. Sorry to poke holes in your comments, but I didn't want anyone to be persuaded unless they learn the entire truth.
  15. tubaguy

    Larry Murphy

    Has Larry Murphy picked up a more consistent play-by-play job in another market? I just saw a youtube video of a hockey fight with him as the play-by-play man. I know he has done work for other networks in the past (ie inHD hockey coverage) I would hate to lose him on the Detroit FSN away broadcasts; however good for him if he has a more regular paycheck.