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  1. Keeper League!

    League name: Autopick Keeper League #: 180360 12 Teams, 2 Divisions, Head-to-Head Been awhile since I've been to RWC, but would like to get some wings fans to fill out the last few slots in this new league (7 of 12 filled now). This is my 2nd attempt at a keeper league... joined one last year, had Ovechkin/Nash/Kronner & S Mason/Backstrom in Net then of course, the league dies. So, trying again... CW
  2. Do we actually have it all?

    Oh dear lord, what DOESN'T this team need?!!! I mean let's face it, there's been what... 30 games already this season? And DET has won ONLY 22 of them!!! My god, this team sucks! If we don't get help soon, it'll be the end of hockeytown as we know it! Next thing you know, we won't even be able to sell out the JLA!!! Ok, on a more serious note: Teams can always get better, no matter how damned good they may be. I don't really think we need anything, but I'd like to get an addition that meets one of these needs: 1) Second line scoring. I don't trust our second line to be consistent as it is, plus a little extra depth would be helpful. 2) Another good toughguy... fighter, punishing open ice hitter, etc. We've proven we're tough enough to stand up to whatever other teams might dish out, but it'd be nice to have someone that puts fear into those teams as well. The good thing, with our cap room, we might be able to grab someone who fits one of those traits. I'd like to get someone who meets both... but who's available there could do that? CW
  3. Yzerman as Leafs GM if Bowman becomes president

    Puhlease.... and aerofoil-articulated primates will propel themselves forcefully through my bowels.
  4. Wing's worst offseason in years

    Man, haven't seen so much negativity since.... last offseason. And the one before that. This team makes it happen, big signings or not. Sure, I'd like to see a big power forward in the lineup... but I'd also like to see our youth get a shot. This year, they will. Can't wait to see Grigs play. Plus, maybe Babs will finally give the Oompa-Loompa more than 7 minutes a night... Maybe 'summer' isn't an accurate title for this season... instead, summer shall hence forth be known as: Season of the whiney-***** Red Wing fans.
  5. Bruins Change Logo

    The best part of this new logo is the replacement of 'R' with 'TM' in the lower right. That's progress!
  6. Norris Results Leaked?

    These awards are for the REGULAR season, hence why voting is done shortly after the reg season ends. Lids hopefully will win it, yet again.
  7. should the wings trade kronwall

    Speaking of derailment... what is that avatar, a Zenit? Now, on topic... our depth in skaters seems pretty good. We could give up a couple players (including Kronner if we had to) to help our G situation IF Dom doesn't return (i.e. Bryz or Tosk). Still, if not for the injuries, I'd say no way. Assuming he isn't about to get an adamantium skeleton installed, I could handle him going if the return is good. That's called Risk Avoidance. But who are we going to convince to give us a good return for a guy who's spent more time in a cast than in skates?
  8. Ryan Smyth

    The power play advantage would make it very worthwhile. Pavel ate most of our cap increase this year, but dropping Lang & Markov will help cover the pay of Smyth. 5-on-5 wouldn't be half bad either... Dats & Hank as top 2 centers. Bert, Homer & Smyth on the wings. And a half dozen guys competing for the last 2nd-line wing. Franz, Flip, Hud, Grigs, Cleary, Sammy...
  9. Pronger at it again: elbow to McAmmond's head

    How many games did then-wing Hatcher get in '04? 3 games I think? Seems like a precedent. Add the repeat offense & seems like 6 games is more appropriate. [edit after reading the above post] Hmm... note to self: Read the entire thread before posting. Redundant.
  10. You know you're a Detroit Red Wings fan if...

    If the wings lose in the conference quarter-finals, you get pissed & demand that the coaching staff, ken holland and most of the players get canned. If the wings lose in the conference semi-finals, you get pissed & demand that the coaching staff, ken holland and most of the players get canned. If the wings lose in the conference finals, you get pissed & demand that the coaching staff, ken holland and most of the players get canned. If the wings lose in the stanley cup finals, you get pissed & demand that the coaching staff, ken holland and most of the players get canned. If the wings win the cup, you think the wings did OK this season.
  11. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    We don't know why he didn't shake hands. So, why spend time speculating/judging him without knowing the reason?
  12. My idea for NHL Re-Alignment

    Problem with 72 game schedule... 12% fewer games means 12% less revenue, meaning 12% lower salary caps & 12% lower paychecks to players. So, there's a reason for the NHL, managers & players to all say hell no. As for the cities, vegas might work although I suspect many of the lower bowl seats would be owned by casinos for guests. But hey, revenue is revenue. Seatle might also work... but I'd imagine you'd have to overcome a canuck fanbase there. Another issue, is it my imagination or do all of the 'eastern' divisions have 6 teams & all the western only 5?
  13. The Magic 8 Ball

    Unusual manner? Maybe Giggy will score on himself... or pull a Nabokov.
  14. Same formula...

    Who knows is right... and I agree. Who cares, as long as we win. Although I'll make two predictions. If we lose game 5, 60-70% of this board will be screaming about how horrible holland, babcock, hasek, lang, dats, bertuzzi, <insert random player here> is... and how 'here we go again', 'we've got no chance', 'woah be me', 'the sky is falling', blah blah blah. Yet, if we go on to win the series, most of those same posters will shout 'I believed', 'I never doubted', 'we are unstoppable', etc. etc.. CW
  15. Ducks respond on hit.....

    Seriously, the league did the right thing here. One game seems appropriate for a bad, but apparently unintended, hit. Now, if this were say Bertuzzi slamming Selanne into the boards, wouldn't our team & the fans here be predominantly supporting Bert? Point is... justice is done. No need to bash on our visiting quack-fans for it.