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  1. Yzerman#19

    Who will get the final bobblehead?

    Why no option to vote for Howard? I think he's a slam-dunk for it.
  2. Yzerman#19

    Official "We Believe" Thread

    This thread was a funny read after watching game six tonight. Right on to all those you were hanging in there with the positivity after game 3. I'm Believin' over here!
  3. Yzerman#19

    A prayer for our team

    It's in your name that we pray lord. Amen. Well put C-W-N.
  4. Awesome to read that the Joe was a rockin' and a jolly time was had by all. Watched the game at work online. Looked like it was a blast. Good on all the fans at the Joe tonight for representing so well in a huge game. I've been to some big games there myself back in the 90's. I know what a special place that can be. Man do I miss the Joe. It's an old barn but it's good old barn.
  5. Yzerman#19

    Am I the only one that respects Gary Bettman?

    This pretty well sums it up. I would only add that he stuck us with those awful reebok jerseys, which I am still not accustom to and will never purchase. The guys a weasel, a ******, a liar and tool. But one thing he is certainly not....is a hockey fan.
  6. Yzerman#19

    Am I the only one that respects Gary Bettman?

    I doubt even his own wife & children respect him.
  7. Yzerman#19

    Sami Salo Injured - Again...

    Normally I hate to hear about injured player, but seeing as he plays for the canucks I will make an exception.
  8. Yzerman#19

    Bob Probert passes away at 45

    Damn. Surprised but not shocked. Bobby worked hard and played hard. Prayers going out to his loved ones. They should make a big statue of his fist to go on Jefferson Ave. next to the statue of Joe Louis' fist. The age of the enforcer has truly come to an end.
  9. Yzerman#19

    Scott Niedermayer retiring

    Good riddance is right! Won't miss that guy. A little surprised. Thought he had more in the tank. But oh well. Wouldn't be surprised to see him pull a farv. But for now this is more good hockey news today. Dino & Jimmy D in the Hall. Cap goes up more than expected. And this scumbag calls it quits leaving the ducks high & dry. Not a bad hockey day for late June. I love it.
  10. Yzerman#19

    Cap to $59.64 million?

    SWEET! Lots of good hockey news today! Spend it wisely Kenny.
  11. Yzerman#19

    HHOF Class of 2010.

    FINALLY! Dino was always a fav. Really happy about this one. Glad he got in ahead of Bure. Not that Bure doesn't deserve it eventually. Dino earned it. And no surprise about Jimmy D. Great news!
  12. Yzerman#19

    Chris Chelios

    Best American Player Ever.
  13. Yzerman#19

    CHI Police are Top Notch

    That ATV cop is lazy and sucks.
  14. I think Forskin is finished in the NHL. I'd be shocked he came back.
  15. Yzerman#19

    Toews: Most undeserving Conn Smyth winner in history?

    I would have went with (and really thought it was going to be) Duncan Keith. But to say Toews wasn't deserving is nuts. The guy was out there winning face-offs, killing penalties. He was named the best forward at the Olympics this year. So gimmie a break already.
  16. Awesome. Just Awesome.
  17. Yzerman#19

    Jeremy Roenick

    Wow. Am I really the only one that was disgusted by this? The guy openly routed against Chicago in the Conference and Cup finals... My link He said recently on a Philadelphia radio station that if forced, he'd root for the Flyers. "I said if you had a gun to my head, I said I did have to [root for the Flyers]," Roenick said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "I didn't want to leave in 1996. If I have to choose, then I have to choose, that's just what it is." Roenick said he'd also root for the Sharks against the Hawks. "If you put a gun to my head, I got to go with the Sharks," Roenick said. "[sharks GM] Doug Wilson gave me the most unbelievable opportunity at the end of my career, to revitalize and finish on a high note. And then he is all teary eyed saying, "It's the Hawks man." To me this was just classic JR making the Hawks great moment all about him. There are tons of great NHL players to never win a cup. I'm sure Mike Gartner & Pat LaFontaine are not feeling sorry for him. And then Milbury consoling him just made it worse. Yet another reason why I hate nbc's coverage. Wish I could have been watching CBC. Call me a heartless hater all you want, but this made me sick.
  18. Yzerman#19


    Pencil pushing, bean counting weasel.
  19. Yzerman#19

    SCF Game One GDT

    Wow is right. Those goalies stink.
  20. Yzerman#19

    Red Wings Sign Brendan Smith

    As slowly as the Wings are developing players we'll likely see this kid in a Winged wheel around 2017.
  21. Yzerman#19

    How do you cope?

    Oh yeah... and spend time with the loved ones I haven't seen since October.
  22. Yzerman#19

    Who was your first?

    D-Mac at the Star theater less than a week after the '97 Cup win. He and Draps sat 4 or 5 rows behind us. We saw 'Contact' (I thought it stunk). I was wearing an Yzerman hat (who is the player I most want to met). I wasn't nervous at all. Congratulated him and told him I was at the Joe to see him score the game 4 Cup clinching goal. He was just outside the bathrooms waiting for Draps. I didn't want to stalk around waiting for Draper. D-Mac couldn't have been nicer. Meeting Terrible Ted at the Joe last year was pretty unreal too.
  23. Yzerman#19

    KHL hopes to add Kovalchuk

    Better the khl than a team in the west conf that plays the Wings 4 to 6 times a year.
  24. Yzerman#19

    How do you cope?

    Live life to the fullest and enjoy all the things I ending up neglecting during the height of the hockey season. I stop and realize, "oh yeah, lots more to life than just puck."
  25. Yzerman#19

    Yzerman Jersey

    Nothing wrong with wearing a number on your back that is hanging in rafters man.