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  1. Rivalred

    Smyth and 1st for Datyuk

    I posted this yesterday in the thread: http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.ph...showtopic=29365 I hope to god we get Pavel off our plate and to someone else then this would be over and done with.
  2. Rivalred


    Trade Dats for Smyth and then for a few picks.
  3. Rivalred

    Patrick Roy

    I would love to see him back in the NHL as a goalie. I think he is a great player, but a cocky jackass with a very bad attitude.... Love to see him get shelled again.
  4. Rivalred

    Filppula signed with the Red Wings

    There is a thread about this already and it was started back in July, updated on August 16th: http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.ph...showtopic=28126
  5. Rivalred

    AttentionMetro Detroit Members,

    Your welcome also.... I use to do this with car shows at the Pontiac Dealer in Fenton every June, but it is back to hockey...... Come on folks.
  6. Rivalred

    AttentionMetro Detroit Members,

    Back to the top here folks We have 2 members who are interested, I am sure there are more of you out there.
  7. Rivalred

    Filppula signed with the Red Wings

    Where is a signing on atleast a 2nd/3rd line center or right winger going to happen. This is good news for the team later down the road, but it is not going to help us out this season.
  8. Rivalred

    Wings and Brad Bombardir

    Hey, if Theo was not such in bad shape I would love for him to be here, but....
  9. Rivalred

    Wings and Brad Bombardir

    The Wings could sign Sergeri Berezin http://www.nhl.com/players/8460742.html He would do great here and he would be cheap.
  10. Rivalred

    AttentionMetro Detroit Members,

    No replys? Jeeze....
  11. Rivalred

    Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    Game 7 here we come...