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  1. Rivalred

    2020 Draft Thread

    Bring in new blood!
  2. Rivalred

    LGW Buyouts

    Someone really half arsed the thread and poll. What is the cap, how much is each salary, etc.....
  3. Rivalred

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    He is tired of losing maybe
  4. Rivalred


    Any updates on the possible name of this team?
  5. Rivalred

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    At least one player is showing some passion and determination
  6. Rivalred

    LGW Upkeep

    Some speak of spam, yet the quality of posts and information on the site went south a long time ago. This in fact is a reason many old seasoned members do not post or we have lost mods. Some members in this thread post a lot of spam....
  7. Rivalred

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    Have a link to that information?
  8. Rivalred

    2019 Draft

    Anyone else take a look at Spencer Knight?
  9. Rivalred

    Rumors Thread

    Always best to post information with a valid link. Remember, always keep your stick on the ice.
  10. Rivalred

    Rumors Thread

    Phil Kessel or Phil Kessell? Have a link to the article?
  11. Rivalred

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I wonder how the draft and free agency will go now since there is a new GM...
  12. Rivalred

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Welcome back sir..... It was hard seeing you leave in the first place...
  13. Just came across this and if it is true, very disturbing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.freep.com/amp/698312002
  14. Rivalred

    Ken Holland

    It firmly believe it was others that surrounded Holland that made this organization and draft successful/competitive. Wings organization lost a lot of key members. Additionally, the coaching staff had been downgraded also. Over the years the Wings lost Bowman, Yzerman, and Nill; just to make a few.
  15. Rivalred

    10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    It was brutal to watch. Not much offensive pressure, some of the better chances and shots missed the net, and a soft goal. Lack of face off wins and turnovers again.....