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  1. Roster as it stands;

    Next D-man is not what we need most now. I'd focus on goaltending and two 2nd-3rd line forwards, who are taller than 6" and heavier than 200 lbs.
  2. Filppula vs Hudler

    I agree. What kind of defensive ability had Larionov?! IMO Larionov was even more poor on defense than Hudler, but obviously it didn't matter.
  3. Kenny's plans

    What makes you think that Fedorov is still one of the best two-way guys in the league? IMO your statement is definitely an anachronism.
  4. Will Kronner be back

    Lebda will be back earlier than Kronwall
  5. Maltby signs 3 year extension!

    The price is not bad, but I'm not sure whether he's still wothy of a Red Wings roster spot.
  6. Babcock is not a good coach

    IMO your thread is a result of your frustration after loosing the game 3 against the Sharks. Being 1-2 behind after game 3 is a way too early for a thread like that, moreover many things in your thread are actually not as you have depicted them. Relax.
  7. Potential good news

    If Rex is gonna play in favour of Sammy, he'll likely get 5-8 min. TOI, so do not expect any major influence on our play
  8. Babcock wont pull the trigger

    Excuse me, is there anything wrong with Lang or Sammy!?
  9. Kiprusoff

    Facing 15 shot a night, Kiprusoff would be bored at our net. We need and older goalie for that.
  10. HNIC Poll

    I'd be surprised if they pointed out something else than Detroit. Detroit has not only been frequent Stanley Cup winner, but has also collapsed couple of times in the 1st round of playoffs recently.
  11. Regular Season Awards

    Selanne has no chance winning Selke and Hasek has no chance winning Vezina.
  12. Ozzie has had a great year

    Ozzie is a solid backup golalie. Not expensive, experienced, adding more confidence to the team. Keep him for next seasons.
  13. Hasek and the playoffs

    Although I'm confident with Hasek in the net going into the playoffs, I've a feeling that Hasek's image is slightly overrated.
  14. Michael Ryder

    Ryder is nothing special and I'm also always scared by players having terrible +/- performance. In Calder's case, it turned out into the positive direction since joining the Red Wings: minus 31 at Chicago, plus 4 at Detroit.
  15. 4/7 GDT Blackhawks @ Red Wings...last game!

    Willy scores for Chicago.