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  1. Versus Network back on DirecTV

    It's like Christmas in March. Thank god they got it back before playoffs.
  2. Canada sets record

    How did you guys in Canada do last time you hosted the Olympics in the gold count? I recall you guys doing pretty well last time.
  3. The World Wide Hockey League!?

    Don't forget the time difference of going from 7pm games to like 3 or 4 am games. People complain about staying up late for wings now due to them being in western conference it would give new meaning to being up late. 8 hour or so time difference would make scheduling games really interesting.
  4. Lidstrom isn't thinking retirement

    Offer him free curley fries every time a Wings player gets a hat trick and he'll have no choice but to come back next season for less money.
  5. MLB 2010 Season Thread

    I'm looking forward to the season but, am not looking forward to hearing Rod Allen or that s***ty April in the D song. They posted the five finalists for the April in the D song and all 5 of them make me want to go deaf. I swear the songs get worse every year.
  6. Bettman might say no to Sochi Olympics

    CBA negotiations Bettman: well guys we're willing to give you the Olympics but, in order to do that we have to cut something out of our budget due the the huge cost the Olympics pose to NHL "Evil laugh from Bettman". We're willing to let you guys go to the Olympics as long as you guys are willing to agree to a few terms first off we're getting rid of the players health insurance plan. Second anytime Crosby has the puck you are the get down on one knee and bow to him. These are both reasonable demands to allow you to play for your home countries. These steps will allow us to save the money that the Olympics cost us "Laughs again".
  7. 2010 Winter Olympics - Slovakia vs Russia (Group B)

    If he would of scored on his second shot would we've been hearing about how Russia's riding him to gold?
  8. 2010 Winter Olympics - Slovakia vs Russia (Group B)

    Russia chooses the wind
  9. Penalty Shot/Penalty

    If the NHL changes one rule it'll just give Bettman an excuse to change 10 other things at the same time and screw up the game some more. If it isn't broken why fix it? The option wouldn't be bad for 2 min or the penalty shot but, there really isn't any reason it needs to be changed.
  10. Bettman might say no to Sochi Olympics

    If NHL players aren't sent all of a sudden Switzerland's gold medal chances significantly increase. Of course Sweden and Russia would still be the favorites.
  11. 2010 Winter Olympics - Slovakia vs Russia (Group B)

    Yep and they officially renamed Team Canada Team Crosby. They are going to start waving flags with Crosby's face on them.
  12. 2010 Winter Olympics - Slovakia vs Russia (Group B)

    Russian powerplay needs Datsyuk.
  13. 2010 Winter Olympics - Slovakia vs Russia (Group B)

    Bettman might get jealous.
  14. 2010 Winter Olympics - Slovakia vs Russia (Group B)

    Nice goal. Hossa looks good on the line.
  15. 2010 Winter Olympics - Slovakia vs Russia (Group B)

    Shocked they didn't come back from intermission saying "Well during the intermission we were discussing how much better team Russia would be if they had Crosby. The only glaring weakness they have is the lack of having Crosby"