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  1. lidstromsnumba1

  2. Will YOU play this season?

    I run a pick up game every week usually throughout the year anyone from Windsor interested message me, would love to have some fellow lgw fans out there
  3. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    go wings bring it home boys
  4. I've Got My Socks On!

    Mine are the worst and my gf hates me for them. I haven't shaved since game 1 against the bjs, when it is game time i kinda "puff" the beard up ive been doing that since last year . When I watch games at home I have a goal light i turn on when the wings score that only can be left on until the first goal replay is shown and only I can touch it. I went nuts on a few people that tried to use it . On game days I always wear my red pavel datsyuk jersey . If they win a game the day after I wear my Hossa jersey . The worst one might be that whenever I am in the car I will only put a volume number on the radio that corresponds to a current wings roster player .
  5. 1000 post for a stanley cup finals game 2 victory

    go wingsssssss
  6. Nearly Ten Minutes of the Wings Playing Two Touch

    nicely done
  7. Lidstrom & Datsyuk suspended for skipping ASG

    suits suck..... fire Bettman
  8. Stick Questions

    Samuelsson: Salming evolution
  9. fedorov and the cup?

    I was creeping around facebook and i stumbled among these pictures of cheli and what looks to be Sergei could just be coincidence just wanted to see what you think ?
  10. Equipment sale the sale is saturday starting at 10 am
  11. Windsor Spitfires captain Mickey Renaud Dead

    He was a hell of a player ,the heart and soul of the spits . He brought it every night and was an amazing leader on and off the ice. I had the privilege of watching him play many times over the past 3 years my heart goes out to the renaud family and the spitfires organization <3
  12. To hell with Dan O'Halloran

    haha I have his brothers number I played hockey with him and he is about as big of an idiot as dan
  13. your top 5 favorite non-red wing players today?

    Kovalev Hossa Kovalchuk Ovie A. Kostitsyn
  14. Photo request..

    i have another one when sweden won the gold but i cant seem to find it i will keep looking tho
  15. Perry is a wuss

    that was a pretty good scrap I was right next to the box and they were chirpin' each other pretty good