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  1. #1WingNutt

  2. First Trip to the Joe, October 10 2009

    Hey Guys, Thanks for all the help, suggestions and addresses. I tried that first hotel thats is close by and unfortunately it is booked that weekend or it is too far in advance right now. I'll definately want to check out Lafayette Coney Island for sure, that sounds like a good time. I didn't realize that Hockeytown Authentics was so far away, i really wanted to go there, it may have to be on another trip. Greektown sounds good as well as hockeytown cafe and hitting a casino is always a good time. I'm not quite sure what the hell a saganaki Chicken Gyro is but if we end up going there we will definately have to try one. Hopefully there is time to do everything that was suggested, a few days should be enough I would think. Looking forward to it, especially the game! As for the girlfriend wearing one of my wings jerseys, i'm still working on it...haha. Thanks for you help!
  3. First Trip to the Joe, October 10 2009

    Hello ladies and gents, I was looking for some help and/or for some suggestions. As you can see from the topic I am heading to Detroit with my girlfriend for our first trip to the Joe. We are coming from Toronto and looking to stay the Friday and Saturday nights. Wings are playing the Caps, the saturday night. Just got the tickets the other day when they went on sale and we are both totally stoked for it and its just the end of August! We are stiing in section 212b in row 9. I've been a Wing fan since grade 4 (18 years) and my girlfriend became a Caps fan during 2 years that we had lived in the DC area. I've been trying to find some things to do in the area and a place to stay. I stumbled accross this website but I am not quite sure if these are the best places to stay or not: http://www.hotels-rates.com/hotels/locatio...gLogId=21347577 I will definately want to hit up Hockeytown Authentics and more than likely Cheli's Chili Bar(i remember reading some stuff about it being good on here before). Not quite sure what else to do in the area. We may also look into staying maybe one night or both nights in Windsor, i believe there is a bus to take accross to Detroit from what I heard? Anyways if any of you guys can help a fellow Wing fan out with some suggestions it would be greatly appretiated. Thanks. Go Wings

    lived in Alexandria VA for a few years, moved back to Toronto last summer. Anyways, there is a Sports bar in Old Town Alexandria called Bugsy's Pizza, down by the water on the main stretch. I went there a few times in the playoffs last year, had a ton of Wings fans there. Even during the regular season there were quite a few but more in the playoffs. Throwing high fives with strangers, just like at games. I'm sure there will be a good amount of Pens fans there too to make things interesting. Plus they have amazing deep dish pizza. They also have hockey night in Canada stuff posted all over the walls along with assorted pictures and jersey's. I'm sure you will find what you are looking for there. Tried to find a website but couldn't find one.
  5. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Just recieved an e-mail from "Jack" and he now has 'BLANK' Wings jerseys, amongst others, for those that are interested. I'm pretty sure I had read some stuff about guys wanting a blank one. Just letting you guys know.
  6. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Thanks for the info, that's exactly how it went down, hopefully they will make it here
  7. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    gor got to mention, i will be paying paypal
  8. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    long time viewer of the boards here and follower of this discussion....HUGE wings fan and lovin' the 3-0 lead on the BJ's anyways..i have been in contact with "Jack". He has sent me his list of jersey's and my brother and I are going to split 3 a piece. Not sure how the whole payment thing works, can anyone help out with that? I can't seem to find it one his site. Thanks Hopefully shipping to Canada isn't a problem, i think I saw one person had some shipped here so i'll cross my fingers when it happens