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  1. Who knows, he could be the next Mikael Samuelsson. Guy did do anything until he joined the Wings as a tryout. Brunnstrom clearly won't be a superstar, but he could be a nice second-line winger in a year or two.
  2. Everyone thought Holland overpaid for Kronwall's contract and look how that turned out. I'm not saying Ericsson is going to start dominating or anything. Sometimes you pay for potential and sometimes you pay because you have to. Ericsson's contract was both of those.
  3. Barf
  4. Thank goodness it's only one year.
  5. Yeah, he's not signing any player to a 10-year contract.
  6. Whoever Detroit signs, it needs to be a short-term contract. Wis is ok, but don't lock him up for 4+ years.
  7. lol, one bad video on YouTube from like a decade ago and you're not sold.
  8. No, it just sounds like wants to be smart with his money and doesn't want to sign someone to a long-term deal just because he's got some money.
  9. Tough to really say what needs to be done. You dominate one team in the first round and get swept in the second. I'd look hard at moving Hudler and Filppula, though. Not sure if I'd bring Bert back, either.
  10. Abby is awesome. No need to dump a guy because he's taken a couple high-sticking penalties.
  11. I don't see them winning 4 out of the next 5 games.
  12. So 2-min elbow penalties don't exist anymore?
  13. Ok and? Who else on defense is going to get you 50-60 points besides Lidstrom? The Wings' record without Rafalski shows you how valuable he is to this team.
  14. Howard's rebounds won't be missed....