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  1. C-TownWing

  2. Who has the best Contract in the League?

    A lot of guys on their entry-level deals Taking out them, I'll go with Mikko Koivu's at a 3.25 cap number, although he's FA after next year. Really though, pretty hard to argue with Parise, although in terms of real money, he jumps to 5 next year. The issue to me with both of these guys is length...although if you're looking for a star player locked in for 3 million for the next 10 years, you're going to be looking for a while. Tim Thomas is in at 5.0 through 2013, so that's pretty good too. Homerish call alert, but I think Datsyuk is waaay under market value.
  3. Thoughts on Eric Lindros

    I'm not sure I buy the "pick least deserving player in the Hall and compare" argument. If that's how we're going to do it, all that's going to do if further crapify things over time. You don't like Neely and Anderson being in? Well, get ready for legions of similarly-qualified guys who did the absolute minimum, if others think that way. To me, it's sort of like when jersey retirement comes up, the old "if you have to make the argument, the answer is no" line. I realize that's not the HOF's philosophy, but to me, "should he" and "will he" are two different questions. I'm inclined to say "no" and "yes." That said, Lindros was flat-out dominant for a few years, no argument whatsoever on that point.
  4. Test your hockey knowledge!

    Same here. Gartner? Hawerchuk? Geez. I feel like an idiot.
  5. Chicago chants "Detroit Sucks" when Hawks play other teams?

    It's pretty much a law of nature that the most obnoxious fans are the ones who are recently successful after sucking for a while <cough>Pens<cough>Hawks. Wings fans were probably in this group in the 90s (it's sort of hard to tell from the inside), but now "complacent" is probably a more accurate description.
  6. Chicago chants "Detroit Sucks" when Hawks play other teams?

    I've never heard anyone chant "Jackets suck," so I'm going to take it as an honor. If they care enough about you to say you suck, you must be doing something right. 1961.
  7. Penguins win again.

    I just wish they didn't have so many other guys down, otherwise it could be the definitive Malkin > Crosby argument, since they haven't missed a beat the couple times Sid's been hurt.
  8. Jimmy!

    Always love the massive emotional swings of this place. Good stuff as always. Last week's epic bust is this week's Vezina finalist. He was awesome last night. Stole us 2 points. Hopefully there's more where that came from, because we're probably in a spot where we're going to need the goalie to steal a few, and that goalie's going to be Howard 30-40% of the time.
  9. Think you're a Sports/NHL know-it-all?

    Meh...joined March 6, 2003. Kovalchuk's rookie year was 2001-02. I'm sticking with my previous declaration of fail.
  10. Think you're a Sports/NHL know-it-all?

    Could be. Mr. K is enough of a d-bag to do something like that.
  11. Think you're a Sports/NHL know-it-all?

    The crazy thing is that when the team moved, they kept #9 retired but unretired the other two numbers retired in Hartford, #2 Rick Ley and #19 John McKenzie.
  12. Think you're a Sports/NHL know-it-all?

  13. Bertuzzi-Datsyuk-Holmstrom line

    I absolutely hated this line at first for exactly that reason, I felt like Datsyuk needed at least one guy to sort of keep up with him to give him options and prevent him from trying to do too much. Starting to come around though, because of the way Datsyuk sucks in the defense, yet can still get a pass through guys and on the tape. It's given Homer and Bert a lot of open ice and a lot of great looks that I don't think they'd be getting playing with anyone else, not even Z. One's buried a lot of these chances, one hasn't obviously, but I think that'll balance out over the course of the season.
  14. Giguere wants out of Anaheim

    And what happens if Ozzie wins in that scenario? We get the same problem Anaheim has right now, just with a smaller buyout later. I agree that he might not be washed up, a change of scenery might give him a few more productive years, who knows. But I am saying that when a guy approaching his mid-30s has consecutive bad years, you at least have to have the idea that he might be in the back of your head before throwing a bunch of your cap space at him.
  15. Plan B:

    In the US though? Unless you have someone like the Rangers (probably the only good US ratings team not already involved in one...maybe Washington too), I doubt it. There's a reason you never see the Leafs on the Versus/NBC games. I'm trying to say this without homer goggles on, but I think last year's numbers will be tough to beat in the near future. I think Toronto definitely deserves one, but I hate their venues. I think it either needs to be big (football stadiums) or have character (Wrigley/Fenway). Toronto has neither of those things really. Of the two though BMO > Rogers. You're going to need a calculator to count the ticket prices for a Winter Classic in TO at a small venue