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  1. i believe he meant the collective bargaining agreement (NHL) nope, TPBM watches the show, The Office
  2. What a pathetic 3rd period. So pissed off. Detroit is going to give me a heart attack one day.
  3. WOW THIS GAME IS JUST RIDICULOUS .... Still pissed off ... Detroit can't do this in the playoffs but f*** please win!
  4. nope TPBM has watched the movie, Man On Wire
  5. have you every considered publishing your various novels?
  6. anyone change their mind yet?
  7. Man that was an awesome game. Watch the highlights again. Curtis was amazing in net for Calgary. GO WINGS TONIGHT!
  8. Grrrr the streamer changed to the preds game.
  10. When you are watching it you have more to post because you are actually seeing things you like and dislike. On the radio you just hear what others are saying so you don't really know. Plus, I'm studying for a Economics midterm. I'll post when they score or something but so far this game has sucked ... or so it sounds.
  11. Word. It's the reason I'm not really posting.
  12. Looks like the goalie is poised to steal this game
  13. I think i may have found a link ... looks like the guy might be starting the game up ...
  14. Anyone with a link to a stream or even the radio feed?