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  1. GDT

    bert and helm were sorely missed! huge impact on physicality and presence for bert, and pk and hits for helm
  2. GDT

    that wasnt the only hit he threw, and it was a lot more effort than half the team combined
  3. GDT

    well, ugly start. I like Tootoos energy and tenacity though, he worked hard out there. cant wait until helm and bert are back. this game reeked of rust.
  4. another player we've overpaid throuh arbitration
  5. I'm all for this guy, especially after seeing his performance last year in WPG and knocking out Matt Cooke. Not for the huge contract though. Whatever happened to a good 3-4 year contract?
  6. i hate tootoo, what a crap signing. he better know why he is here.
  7. best part of this stanley cup was seeing this man raise it
  8. hahah bye blues!!! suck it david backes, you piece of s***
  9. i know canadas goaltending is a little weak but as far as the rest of the team they are stacked, glad to see Jimmy doing work and leading the US forward
  10. lets go sens! finish up rags at home! go #teampaulmccleansmustache
  11. f*** this team
  12. same entrance into the zone, same s***ty shot from the corner or out deep with no screen
  13. another abysmal power play.. riding two up high with every shot getting blocked in the circles
  14. once again, no heart and no pride