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  1. This is killing me, I need a Xanex!! Go Wings!!!!
  2. thought i had tix to the game, but Stub Hub screwed me, guess I will find a bar near the RBC Center to watch it. Pissed because I can't believe I got sent here for work while there was a playoff series going on.
  3. quiznos is proud to introduce the penguin stuffed "sammie"!!
  4. Not on NHL Net either, they are jumping games even though the Wings game is listed, BS!!!! I ordered Center Ice for a damn reason. Total Crap Edit....they finally put it on, must've realized they are stupid
  5. If you don't have this yet, , I highly recommend it.
  6. DET/ANA - Detroit wins 4-3 OTT/BUF - Ottawa wins 4-2
  7. PS

    Now that is a thing of beauty