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  1. labeau55

    Lilja had appendectomy; Conklin to start tomorrow

    Must be very different if you get cut. Mine ruptured, I was told I would be in the hospital 10-14 days and out of work for 4-7 weeks...and I think my job is much less rough than playing hockey. I wasn't off as long as they said but I was in no means ready to check people three days after.
  2. labeau55

    Weird places you've worn the Winged Wheel.

    I went to the funeral home to see my brother in law because his brother (a big wings fan) had died. Several people had wings jerseys on.
  3. labeau55

    Weird places you've worn the Winged Wheel.

    I went out to Denver with my kid for four days to go to the x-games two years ago at the Pepsi center and wings Shirts was the only clothes I took. I also took my oldest boy to Daytona that year and wore our Red Wings jackets at the Chicago airport and the guy on the intercom said everyone could board the plane...except Red Wings fans are last.
  4. labeau55

    The Wings' biggest obstacle

    Give the man a break. He made a correct point that we lost some of our grit and you all jump on him like he is a five year old who watched one game with his dad and has no hockey knowledge. Just because someone disagrees with you doesnt mean they are in a panic or think the season is lost. People can have opinions. Okay rant over. I think that as other people have mentioned, that the Wings need to be scoring thier goals at big times in big games. Missing on 5-on-3 s and powerplays killed them against the Ducks and in order to win your powerplay has to be going.
  5. labeau55

    Lilja deserves props

    Completely right. Lilja has been very good and it was just unfortunate that the one small mistake he made became a huge goal for the Ducks. There were numerous opportunities for us to take a two goal lead that just didnt go in. Clearing attempts we missed and the power play was horrible. But the way Lilja handled it afterwards just show how it was known that there was more everyone could have done to win that game.
  6. labeau55

    Zetterberg to return next week

    Thats the best news I have heard since they said Bert was playing. Oh wait..........that was today too.
  7. labeau55

    Howard starting tonight

    I see no problem with Howard starting tonight. If hes up in the bigs and we are conditioning him to be our next starter why not give him a game? Mac is only on the roster in case of emergency where Hasek or Osgood cant play. Noone expected that both of them would be hurt at the same time and now that it happened the Wings had to bring up two inexperienced goalies, why not let the one with the most potential and being bred as the next big thing get a shot at showing how he has come along? And I will say it now, I like Jimmy and want to see him play no matter the circumstance
  8. labeau55

    Henrik Selke-berg?

    I think he has a chance and hope he wins. He is the hardest working forward who doesnt really get notice in the whole league.
  9. labeau55

    I Hope We Trade Kronwall

    I agree that Kronwall does have his moments where he looks out of place. But he is ususally good with the puck and can make some good passes. He is also, besides Markov, the only person on the team who actually hits people. In time he may be our best d-man.
  10. labeau55

    Kudos to Zetterberg 100th goal

    Congrats to Hank on hitting the century mark. Heres hoping that he will pass much more than that in a Wings Jersey.
  11. labeau55

    Buccigross Wisdom

    Bucci is the best hockey analyst ESPN has. He looks deep into the game and tells it like it is. I cant say I agree with the larger nets but just about everything else he says makes sense to me.
  12. labeau55

    Could Crosby Record 100 Assists?

    Another thing that would probably help his cause is if the Pens have to fight for a playoff spot. If they can coast into the postseason players may sit and produdction go down. If they have to fight for a higher seed or spot in the playoffs I dont doubt that he will be getting points every game.
  13. labeau55

    Post Everytime You Look

    Cashews are pretty good, but I am an Almond guy myself.
  14. labeau55

    Wings starting Goalie

    So far its looked as though Manny is the no 1. Osgood was even passed up by Babcock for Howard. Osgood is a good goalie. I will always defend that. But Legace has been solid and getting us wins and will most likely be no 1 for the most part of the season.