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  1. WCQF GAME 1 GDT: Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 4

    Did FSN-O Just say cleared by Cleary?? And I thought VS was bad.
  2. Comparing Knee Inuries

    So all the talk over the weekend was what a god Tiger was playing on an injured knee. On another forum I mentioned that his injury and surgery wasn't jack compared to Yzermans knee, and for this I was promptly shouted down and flamed. (Although this is primarily because hockey is such a minority sport on this board that no one cares about it and because it's a Columbus based board which means many crazed OSU fans for a hatred of anything Michigan or Detroit) Anyways I wanted to try and compare the facts here. Steve had worked his knee to the bone. Literally, he had no cartilage left in his knee. But he wasn't just standing around on his knee or walking. He was skating and skating hard with bones grinding against other bones. Twisting the knee this way and that caused excruciating pain. His Osteotomy surgery in layman's terms basically means we need to hack off a part of your leg bone in order to force the knee back into correct alignment. This is a surgery designed for patients to simply walk again and delay an entire reconstructive knee surgery. Not designed to take the full rigors of playing hockey. Now here is my understanding on Tigers knee injury: Tiger Woods went through arthroscopic surgery. This is a minimally invasive surgery designed to simply clean up the knee. Remove some jagged cartilage, also remove some broken off pieces of cartilage. Recovery seems straight forward. Stay off it a few days then you can start walking again. Might be a little sore but nothing a few advil can't take care of. Maybe I'm not making out the surgery to be as serious as it really is but in my eyes it just seems like nothing compared to Steve Yzermans knee injury. Not just the surgery but the abuse their knees take before and after the surgeries. I realize there may be a little tourqing or twisting of the knee in a golf swing but other than that your simply walking around. And it's not like your carrying any weight because you have a caddy to take care of your bag. Am I right here? Am I missing something about Tiger or golfers in general. The whole OSU v. Michigan thing rarely bugs me and that's a lot of what this is about on this other board. But this bugs me because it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with respect for the sport we love so much and our heroes and idols. I mean how can you not see that the stresses hockey puts on the body far exceed that of golf. The stresses exerted on the knee in hockey far exceed the stress put on the knee in golf. I am right here aren't I? I admit Tiger is a great golfer. You can't doubt that fact. He is in great shape and I'm sure works hard to stay in shape. But I'm sorry all in all it's just golf. This isn't Hockey, this isn't Football or Basketball. It's simply golf. Sorry for turning this into a bit of a rant when I wnated to keep this factual but it's just really bugging me for some reason. I'm sure we all may be a little biased torwards Yzerman but I really like to hear what some slightly more level headed people here think.
  3. Stanley Cup Locker Room hats

    I requested a return label but I think I'll keep the hat anyways. Instead I'll return the box with a note inside telling them to quit being cheapskates and make different sized hats. It's made in China so I'm sure hiring another production line of workers would only cost them an extra 10 cents a day. I blame Bettman. I'm not sure how just yet, I'll investigate it and get back to you guys on this. But I'm sure this can be blamed on Bettman.
  4. Stanley Cup Locker Room hats

    I was refering to Tuttle Crossing here in Columbus. Although they'll probably look at me weird: "Stanley cup?? Whats that? We have lots of Buckeye hats"
  5. Stanley Cup Locker Room hats

    Ordered mine maybe 20 minutes after Lindstrom lifted the cup. Just received it yesterday. Looks like if I return it and take my chances on another one it won't arrive untill August. That's usually prime time for my Tigers hat but there may be an exception this year I wonder if the Lids store in the mall will have any.
  6. Stanley Cup Locker Room hats

    Might want to lay off the nerve tonic I'll have to try the towel trick. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Stanley Cup Locker Room hats

    I thought I had an average size head, my other 2 "FlexFit" hats fit just fine. But I just received my locker room hat and it's huge on me. Anyone else have this problem? It's a good looking hat, I hate that I'm going to have to return it. Any guesses wether or not I might be able to shrink this in the wash? Maybe take it to an alteration shop? I would had thought they'd make a smaller model too for kids. Won't somebody *please* think of the children!!
  8. Wings fans in Columbus?

    Bueller? ... Bueller?
  9. Wings fans in Columbus?

    MidDay BUMP
  10. Wings fans in Columbus?

    Any Wings fans in Columbus want to meet up at a BDubs or someplace to watch Game 5? I supose if there's a level headed Pens fan or two here in CBus that's looking forward to a good game they can join in as well. Any takers? Or do I have to stoop to such low levels as saying former OSU QB Craig Krenzel will be on hand siging autographs, to get a crowd?
  11. SCF Game 3 GDT: Penguins 3, Red Wings 2

    Welcome to Detroit
  12. SCF Game 3 GDT: Penguins 3, Red Wings 2

    I know. I wanted to make the trek from Cbus to Detroit jsut to watch Game 4 @ Hockeytown cafe and celebrate a 4 game sweep in DTown. Now I'm faced with unclers and heart attacks for another week.
  13. SCF Game 3 GDT: Penguins 3, Red Wings 2

    Surprised that wasn't interference on Homer
  14. SCF Game 3 GDT: Penguins 3, Red Wings 2

    And a quiet hush falls over the crowd
  15. SCF Game 3 GDT: Penguins 3, Red Wings 2

    Crash the net boys!!!