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  1. Patrick Roy

    Chicago Tribune runs pic of

    When the hawks lose they have no one to blame but the media!!!
  2. Patrick Roy

    any Red Sox fans around?

    All wings fans represent the D and are Tigers fans too or they are not down with the Mike I and the Little Caesars possee. No one likes the red sux, their obnoxious fans or the city of boston for that matter.
  3. Patrick Roy

    Free Agent Wish List

    Add me, foote, modano, forsberg, chelios, sakic, leetch, and hull come out of retirement, and we have the best 1998 NHL team in the league to go with draper, homer, lids, etc.
  4. Patrick Roy

    What I'm worried about

    let's hope draper, lidstrom, homer, ozzie, and maltby all retire...NOT!!! Ditch williams, bertuzzi, and lebda
  5. Patrick Roy

    Osgood bench warmer appreciation threas

    4 goals per game and howard is still starting over a goalie with 3 cup rings and 4 finals appearances...hoe babcock know what he is doing...
  6. Patrick Roy

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Buy only official merchandise and support your team and Gary Bettman!!! :flush: :rotflmao:
  7. Patrick Roy

    Why I May Have It Worse Than Anyone Here

    Just flunk them all...they will just end up working at a steel factory anyway :tease:
  8. hindsight is always 20/20: Let's talk about Hossa at this time next year and see how we all feel!
  9. Ray Sheppard, Paul Yzerbart, Paul Coffey, Steve Duschene, etc. help me complete the list... I figure we can add Glass Jaw and Hossa to that list as well... Detroit has a solid system in place...that is why guys like Cleary, Samuelsson, etc. can step in and play out of their minds and then disappear after they leave Sheppard, and Yzerbart, etc.
  10. Patrick Roy

    OFFICIAL: 12y, $62.4m makes Hossa a 'Hawk

    No, they aren't saying that, the hawks just paid them more. We did want glass jaws dead weight on the roster anyway!!! We still have Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, Cleary, Filppula, Helm, and Lidstrom, Kronwall, Ericsson on D. I would take that over Chicago's 6 F's and top 3 D any day of the week.
  11. I have been a wingns fan for over 25 years. In recent times, keeping up with the rosters of our favorite teams has been a challenge. Teams and fans have this win now, and forget about tomorrow mentality. What has made the red wings so special is that players have a chance to stay here for their entire careers like Yzerman, Lidstrom, Holstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, etc. players have the chance to leave and come back, like Osgood, Kocur, McCarty, and others have the chance to find a home, and stay 15+ years, Draper, Maltby, etc. With the wings, I can follow a player and watch them grow and transform from an offensive speedster like Yzerman to a masterful defender in his later years...from a checker like Maltby to a grizzled vet. We know that they players with the wings are part of the community and part of the red wings famliy. If you put in the work, the wings fans respect you. It takes a rare breed to be a red wing for life...Fedorov, Hossa, etc. didn't have what it takes... How many tigers, pistons, and lions have done this? Trammell, Whitaker, Dumars, Isiah...that was 15 years ago. Barry...he quit early. It only happens with the red wings. Players that stay in one city their career are special, and far and few between in the NHL these days...Brodeur, Sakic...not too many out there these days that are synonomus with their teams. In the NBA...who can keep up with Shaq's team hopping. Very few "legends" team hop like Hossa or Shaq. While players like Hossa, Bourque, etc. may have success or ride someone else coattails to the cup (or try to in Hossa's case), they leave no legacy. Borque could not get it done in Boston, so he begged his way to a trade (like Chelios to win a cup). They are just a replaceable part in the machine that is the NHL. In 5 years, will Hossa or Chelios even be relevant? The wings have a plan, and with 6 western conference championships cups since 1995, and 4 stanley cups, I will not argue with that plan. The blackhawks can have Hossa and his buddy Glass Jaw! I like Cheli, but he needs to hang 'em up!!! Go wings! Win the cup in 2010 the old fashion way with home grown talent.
  12. Patrick Roy

    No one wants this cup more than Crosby

    Bettman wants Crosby to have it more than he does. Cindy doesn't deserve the cup!!!
  13. Patrick Roy

    Bench Rafalski

    This is why you are all freaks on the internet and not Mike Babcock!!!!
  14. Patrick Roy

    If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Thanks for your 2 cents Gary was Phoenix yesterday!!!
  15. Patrick Roy

    Clutch Player predictions

    RAfalski will score the game winner!!!