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  1. RT @NHL AMAZING FIRST ROUND MATCH-UPS... Because It's The Cup! Here's the Playoffs Bracket: #becauseitsthecup

  2. RT @dekesyuk If #RedWings find same fire they had in Feb, literally no team could beat them & could easily win the Cup. Cmon boys!

  3. RT @93JustinD #RedWings: If DET 2pts, NSH 1+pts, DET@NSH. If DET 2pts, NSH 0pts, NSH@DET. If DET 1pt, DET@NSH. If DET 0pt, DET@PACIFIC

  4. yeah seriously! an #NHL all time record seems to be pretty important!! #RedWings RT @puck_struck @NHL how bout 23 consecutive home wins?

  5. ESPN #NHL - #RedWings G Jimmy Howard (33-15-3, 2.15 GAA) will start Friday after missing 4 games (groin injury)

  6. RT @RachelE890 Started following @ejkotsis very near the start of NHL playoffs....Thinking I made a #GoodLifeDecision #Hockeytown #RedWings

  7. ain't that the truth! #NHL RT @Lydiairl I don't watch enough western conference games.

  8. an alien! he's like Superman... #redwings RT @puck_struck DATSYUK WHAT ARE YOU

  9. RT @DetroitRedWings Chelios: Everyone asks me 'why I've played so long?' I tell them because I'm surrounded by great people. #NHL #RedWings

  10. RT @NHL After long career, Chris Chelios set to enter U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame: #Blackhawks #RedWings #Habs

  11. RT @puck_struck The Red Wings have scored 12 goals in the past 2 games. #GetSome #RedWings

  12. indeed I am :( RT @llkats In-N-Out. Yup, you're jealous.