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  1. Post-GAME 4: Flames 3, Red Wings 2

    My two cents: I thought both teams played a great first period. That Hasek call was complete horses***, and it cost us a goal on the 5 on 3. Later in the game, an even worse call on Lidstrom, 5 on 3, goal. I never ***** about the refs, but they were whistle happy on both sides. And if Hasek's stupid, STUPID play was a penalty, why isn't Kiprusoff taking a swing at Holmstrom a penalty? The wings played like s*** in periods 2 and 3. The CBC guys said it best; they just didn't control the puck well going into the zone. (Not to mention the PP blew donkey.) But there's one thing I've noticed: The Red Wings thrive, THRIVE on puck posession. That's why Datsyuk is so successful in their system, and Zetterberg. Then they get to the playoffs, and they listen to the media bulls*** about needing "grinders" and "hard play", which is of course true, but it seems to cause them to totally change their game plan. Dump ins where there wouldn't have been before, reckless passes, stupid shots; how many shots did we see from outside or near the top of the faceoff circles? Too many. Outshooting don't mean crap when they're weak as hell. The Wings need to make Calgary play their game, not vice versa. Show some patience like they did in games 1 and 2, where they waited on mistakes from the Flames and capitalized. YES, they needed to come out strong, no doubt, but there's a difference between coming out strong and coming out too wild. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but I am sick sick SICK of Robert Lang. He just doesn't move. He gives up way too easily. I think you guys are a little hard on Sammy, he plays hard, he just can't shoot worth a damn. And don't say Lidstrom sucked. He made a few mistakes, but it's hard to QB a successful PP when your teammates can't control the damn puck. I was seriously pissed watching this game. They just played themselves right out of it. After about the 10:00 mark in the 2nd the wings were simply not fun to watch tonight. Something needs to change.
  2. november schedule desktop

    Anyone have a schedule graphic for november for my desktop?
  3. Detroit Tigers should have been AL Central Champs!

    Jim Leyland pinch hit Neifi Perez for Matt Stairs in the bottom of the 12th today. This is your manager of the year folks....