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  1. raidedredwing2

    17yr old hockey player charged for on-ice assault.

    He should know better when it comes to spraying to goalie. The refs should have been on top of that sooner. They took there time breaking that up, shouldn't the refs be on top of that; especially at this level of hockey? There is a lot to view in this video. Motivation of each player, refs paying attention, goalies reaction.
  2. raidedredwing2

    Should we bring Tootoo in for game 4?

    I honestly thought Tootoo would be a regular for the Wings, it wouldnt suprise me to see him traded in the offseason, expecially if he is riding the bench.
  3. raidedredwing2

    Should we bring Tootoo in for game 4?

    Normaly im not for changing a lineup while we are winning but would it make sense to bring in Jordin Tootoo for game 4? He is a fresh pair of legs that can draw penaltys from time to time and right now Chicago is very frustrated and i think puting him in the line-up for game 4 may work out in our favor. I do realize that he can be prone to taking penaltys but right now Brendan Smith has that title. Does anyone else feel like this could be a good move? Cleary/Abdelkader/Tootoo for game 4?
  4. raidedredwing2

    Wings Make Offer to Danny D!

    Well this is his hometown. Will he get the max ice time with the wings? I honestly think he may get more playing time with another team. Edmonton is pitching him a spot on the first D-line, that could play a major factor. I honestly think he will sign with somebody else, but i really do want him to sign with us. We need SIZE with us going into the east next year. Hometown would play a big role in this. Im assuming thats what his family would want, expecially with his dad having a personal friendship with past wing players. Lets cross our fingers.
  5. raidedredwing2

    1/21: Red Wings 4 at Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

    Does anyone expect any mix matching tonight with the lines? I want to say Babcock made only one or two changes during the game on Sat night.
  6. raidedredwing2

    Winnipeg Jets' New Logo

    I think the old logo sucked. A boeing 757 on the logo compared to a fighter jet? Come on people, there are a lot of people in Canada who like the logo alot because it symbolizes the military forces in Canada, not to mention the majority of people who dont like it are Americans, Its only a logo, who cares. When that team steps into the MTS Center Arena (Smallest arena in NHL) - that atmosphere is going to be insane and that logo will grow on everyone really quick.
  7. raidedredwing2

    WCSF Game 4 GDT: Sharks 3 at Red Wings 4

    Modano did not skate in warm up's. I'm very disappointed too. I would have thought experience could have had a role in game 4 with backs against the wall. Go wings !
  8. raidedredwing2

    Avery comments & suspension

    I think this is being blown up for a stupid reason. Players say very harsh things to each other out on the ice and this is never an issue. I still think the kid is a good player. Led the NHL in +/- last year. When Avery played for the wings it sometime gave that spark we needed. Lets face it. Dallas is a terrible team right now and if his teammates dont want to play with him, solely based on the fact that he made a personal comment that involved his ex and another NHL player? Isnt that the risk of dating someone famous and all the backstabbing bulls*** that is involved in a relations***. Dallas players are more concerned with the fact that they want avery off the team then they are concerned about what they need to do to win some hockey games. Thats a pure joke, considering the fact that Modano and Turco are the ones complaining the most about him. I look to see Dallas seeing stars tommarow after the Wings wipe them off the ice.
  9. raidedredwing2

    Off-Season moves

    Darren Helm impressed the hell outa me in the post season play. Although only recieving 4 pts in the post season, he rapidly caught my attention. Does anyone else think that he was one of the fastest wings out there on the ice? That and the 18 games he played in the playoffs, he was only in the box once for a minor penalty. Theres no doubt in my mind that this kid is going to be the next draper. This kid made Grig's look terrible... proves to all that hype has no power over skill
  10. raidedredwing2

    McCarty called up

    OH Yesss. I hope to god he at least joins the pre game skate..... iv got suite tickets on the end where the wings shoot twice!!! How oh so sweet it would be to run into him up there!!!
  11. raidedredwing2

    Dom Bashers Welcome!

    Exactly how long is a "bad stretch" to you? We are 1/4 into the season and he hasnt shown any signs of improving. Meanwhile on most nights hes in net... he faces under 20 shots... and lets at least 3 in (granted defense is responsible for at least 2 poor plays) ... thats where the "dominator" should step up right? Am i the only one who thinks this?? Dom can't stop a shot 1 on 1... look at the home game against chicago last week.... i was up in the suites and dom didnt bother to help out his team at all.
  12. raidedredwing2

    Jimmy Howard

    Plus with hasek practically "not winning" every game. Id rather see hasek ride the bench, then see howard sit on the bench. He will get his chance, in my opinion.. he looked alot better than hasek in training camp.
  13. raidedredwing2

    Dom Bashers Welcome!

    Thank you... as for playoffs... it is to early..... but either way you play the better goaltender. And by better goaltender.. i dont mean (Previous seasons stats, career stats, or trophies won) I mean this years stats... clearly Osgood has played his heart out and deserves to be the "starter" in my right mind. as much as they say that osgood is still the backup. i laugh because backups sit on the bench because of the "Starting Goalies" superb stats.... which in this case.... is a laughing matter
  14. raidedredwing2

    Do we need a few changes?

    Not to start new goalie talks here, but i was at the game 2night... hasek just didnt bother to help out his teamates 2night. 3 of the goals went in because of our defense making a mistake... Thats where hasek needs to step up. BUT HE DIDNT.... UR WASHED UP HASEK.... you might have trophies to proove how good of a netminder you were. But you dont have it anymore.. i found it ironic because when he actually made a good save, the whole crowd applauded like it was "about time" and when ozzie makes a save. its just another save with no crowd applause because hes the better goalie
  15. raidedredwing2

    GDT 11/17: Blackhawks 5, Red Wings 3

    Il be in sweet number 62!!!!! oh yea!