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  1. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Get ready folks, hitting is about to exit our game

    Just because he managed to get in front doesn't mean he didn't come from the blind side. This is an east west hit from the blindside and just coming out of the penalty box to boot, Perron had no way of seeing him coming. this just echoes the Richards hit on David Booth from last year... sure he hit the front side, but the recipient had no way to see him coming from the BLIND SIDE. Richards on Booth, same basic premise... hits him in the front but comes from the side.
  2. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Hjalmarsson Cheap Shot on Jason Pominville

    I recall another hit by Hjalmarsson that was fairly dirty, nothing like this though. This hit deserves a five game suspension, simply because Pominville will likely miss that much time with a concussion.
  3. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Jard Boll

    This kid played for the Whalers in Plymouth a few years ago... for a tough guy, this kid has got some good hands... so long as he has been playing for Columbus, I'm glad he hasn't used them for anything but fighting... he would be a solid addition to any team, physical and with some offensive upside that would become even more apparent with better linemates on a fourth line like Detroit's.
  4. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    What about Paul Mara?

    Mara is a solid stay at home guy who can chip in offensively when needed, kind of like Stuart. He used to play in Plymouth (OHL) and the guy can play. Since moving to the NHL he has become a very solid stay at home guy, and he still has a rocket for a shot. I believe he had the hardest shot in the OHL back in 1998. He has had a rough past couple of years injury-wise, and I would bet he could be had for the same salary that Lilja played for last year. For a sixth or seventh d-man, he would be outstanding. He has never really played on any great teams, and would likely relish the opportunity in Detroit. The other guy that I like, is Jay McKee. He played for $875k last year in Pittsburgh, as a 7th d-man. Take a look at the guy's career numbers. Not a whole lot offensively, but for a 7th d-man, who cares. Look specifically at his plus-minus. Only three times in his career, has he been a minus player. Once on a dreadful St. Louis team, and twice on some not-so-hot Buffalo teams. The bottom line, is that this guy gets it done in his own end, a perfect fit for a 7th defenseman. I am sure he could be had for the same salary he made in Pittsburgh last year, or even a modest raise to $1M would be workable once Derek Meech is traded. This guy has the mean streak that Lilja probably won't ever have again, is great in his own end and wouldn't be too expensive.
  5. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Wings, City of Detroit extend lease talks on the Joe

    I can honestly say that I wouldn't be able to make it to a single game if they played at the Palace. I went to 12 last year at 'The Joe.' I live south of town, and that would just make for a brutal night if I were to try and get up there and back.
  6. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Luxury Tax System

    I am all for it. The hard cap is a pain in the ass. It would be nice if there were a 5-10% luxury tax range. To make it more enticing for the league, it I wouldn't mind seeing there being a range of two or three years you can do it for at a time. So it is more of a cushion than just a pure luxury tax, because then it will just escalate salaries even more. It would be nice to see teams just have a cushion to make a late season trade for a playoff push rather than just have big market teams load up even more, and the Wings' are no exception.
  7. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    I don't know about this. while he has skills, I think it is too much of a risk for us in the first round. You hit the nail on the head though, we need some good top 6 offensive prospects. Most of what we have in the system appears to be third and fourth line talent, except for Tatar and maybe Mursak, depending on how Jan plays this upcoming year, the kid showed he can score and he has some incredible hands and good speed... The Wings have a lot of mid-level talent, but no talent that really wows anybody right now. Even with the 22nd pick, the Wings can get a very good prospect. Now, I am not saying I like Corey Perry, but he was picked somewhere around 28th overall, as one of the league leaders in the OHL, before his London Knights were a very dominant team. So there are always a few high level prospects left, and with our system seeming rather depleted right now, it is time we look for some offensive firepower and not trade down.
  8. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    "Detroit the hottest option for Zuccarello Aasen"

    I am split here... he is obviously talented and a magician with the puck, but there are a few things against him: 1) He is 5'7" (I won't say this will preclude him from NHL success, but read the rest) 2) In that video, most of his goals are scored from within 10 feet of the goal. In not one of those videos was a defender actually covering him. In the NHL, he would have been leveled (especially at 5'7") in two thirds of those plays had he been in the NHL. 3) Those videos are from the SEL, notice, not once does a defender skate up on him, he is allowed to skate freely through neutral ice, that won't happen in the NHL. On the other hand though, the big European ice does make him look awfuly slow, I think he is faster than it looks, and in North America, guys have more energy cause there is less space to cover. So this may not be a big issue. The big thing is size. Zetterberg has shown that speed doesn't really matter, but at least Hank has four inches (5'11 I believe) on this kid. I don't think it would be the worst idea to sign this kid, but only for a one year deal at an affordable rate... it is not too often that someone of his stature turns into Martin St. Louis. I don't know if anyone on here has ever heard of Corey Locke, but that kid basically led the OHL in scoring for two years, but has never made it to the NHL because of his size, and inability to adapt his game as he moves up. The smaller a player is the bigger a risk because there is a lot more adaptation involved with each level of play. Size goes with speed and good hands as some of the most important things in hockey that you can't teach, and with only one of the three, he isn't even in the Martin St. Louis category, as he is a bit slow, but he would be more of a Zetterberg, with less size.
  9. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Jiri Hudler update

    I have heard from an inside source that he was all but signed this summer... however, Kenny balked at the price, and in a conversation with Hudler's agent, alluded to the fact that he didn't think Hudler was worth what they had agreed upon. It was then that Hudler's agent, appalled at Holland's comments, began seeking other opportunities, with Hudler subsequently signing in Russia. It ended up being because of Holland that Hudler decided to sign in Russia despite his seemingly binding arbitration. On that note, Mike Ilitch was pissed. It will be interesting to see if he ever comes back over here after that.
  10. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Zetterberg out at least 2 weeks

  11. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Chicago chants "Detroit Sucks" when Hawks play other teams?

    I really can't stand this... Colorado fans are probably the worst too... this is really classless. This is something that has never happened at a Wings game, or any other Detroit sporting event of my memory... I guess people in Detroit are just above that. Colorado does it during the pregame, even before the national anthem. It is truely classless... if you don't like the Red Wings, then beat us... don't chant "Detroit Sucks" like a bunch of *******, actually grow some balls and beat us. my two cents.
  12. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    NHL teams biased against francophones,

    Sounds a lot like the French... I guess the language a person speaks says a lot about a person.
  13. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Mitchell hit on Toews

    I'm suprised Mr. Bettman didn't come running onto the ice to give Mitchell a 5 Minute and a Game Misconduct... In all seriousness though... just as beautiful and clean as Mr. Kronwall's hit about 6 months ago.
  14. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    Jason Williams thoughts up until now

    hahaha... a laugh all the way... but in all seriousness, I have noticed he has been rather responsible (far better than the last time around) defensively, him and Bertuzzi both... his speed has been a big plus as well as the threat from the point on the powerplay... we will wait and see what happens, as he has a way of occasionally making untimely mistakes when he is on the powerplay, but at least no worse than Samuelsson... so far.
  15. p_diddy_datsyuk_13

    delmore for meech? anyone?

    After seeing two or three guys in the Buffalo game walk right around Meech before scoring, I would say something needs to be done... That is obvious... but Delmore is no better defensively... bring on Kolosov!! Meech needs to come out of the lineup... he decent offensive player, at best, but in a 6th or 7th defenseman, you need a guy who can play defense, and Meech has proven time and again, nearly everytime he plays, that he may be the easiest D-man to beat one-on-one. Although not much of an upgrade, Lebda at least has the speed to catch up with the play when he gets beaten. Even Kyle Quincey is better in his own end than Meech. Which is the big reason I knew they let the wrong guy go...