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  1. Brett Angel signed to PTO

    And everybody knows you're such a great evaluator of talent. Speaking of which, I see your hero was signed by the UHL <snicker, snicker> team in Danbury. How appropriate--a trash player picked up by a team called the Trashers.
  2. Brett Angel signed to PTO

    January 4: “News of the day!!!!!!!!!! Ryan Jorde is a physical d-man who was a Sabre prospect and can actually play.� January 14: “Jorde was slow, and wasn't much physically, which was what was needed for him to stick around there.� Classic...
  3. Justin Abdelkader

    Yeah, once Abdelkater realizes the famed norrisnick and his slappies at LGW thinks another player should’ve been drafted in his place, he’ll probably just quit the game. Wow, full of yourself much?