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  1. Yeah really, and this too, this is just disturbing! ewww!
  2. Sour grapes, eh?
  3. Stupid and dangerous move, but hey it's from Hasek, so can't expect any less...
  4. That's just a thing for the media to eat up. I mean, what stops Forsberg from going all out all on his own in practise...? The guy is gonna play in the NHL, 100%.
  5. Easy there buddy, try getting past 1st round first...
  6. Oh nothing, just that the #1 wingkiller is playing...
  7. Good for him, a goal and a knock out.
  8. Don't see the big deal with this, Forsberg proved last game what will happen in the playoffs... Anyhow, the whole Kaberle thing has made teams a bit paranoid.
  9. Gagne and Naslund had the same amount of points last season if im not mistaken. Naslund didn't have a Forsberg centering him though...
  10. Come on, Heatley has issues, a future nutcase...
  11. I can see this happening. Atlanta and Bob Hartley likes young talents, and all knows the deal with Heatly... Atlanta need some young guys with chemistry, ala the sisters...