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  1. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    In St. Louis?
  2. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    Any live webcasts? They blocked it in St. Louis - Cardinal game instead.
  3. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I grew up in what was known as USSR watching Larionov, Fetisov play. Moving to US and watching hockey here, it was quite natural to root for the "Russian Five". After that you become so enamored by the tradition, the class of the organization, the coaching and the Captain- so many things to love and respect about the Red Wings. I live in St. Louis, and I keep all sorts of the Red Wings memorabilia in my office that naturally pisses off a lot of the Blues fans! Even my kids and my wife are the Red Wings fans! And besides, I think that the Red Wings logo is the most elegant hockey logo ever.