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  1. 3/1 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Avalanche 2

    I will be down at the Ass Can (Pepsi Center) tonite with my 7 and 9 year old son's. Row 11. We will have signs saying "Welcome back Lilja!", and "Jimmy for the Calder!" Maybe Little Gary's TV station will show them. Hopefully the Red Wings are motivated. It is now or never guy's! Look for a high level of support as usual from the many Wings fans who show up in Denver.
  2. The Wings' Pathetic Overtime Record

    Very good topic. I agree with others that they need to crash the net and get dirty. We have also had just some plain bad luck. The record is terrible. No wonder I feel ill when OT starts.
  3. 2008 team photo with cup?

    WingFan1991, I have been trying to get this 8X10 photo to add to my collection since June. Like you, I have these framed from 1997,1998, and 2002 on my wall in the Wings shrine in my basement bar. You would think this would not be hard to acquire. The photo was taken after game 6, and before the parade. I previously had purchased them from Hockeytown Authentics. I have talked to them numerous times, and even the supervisors at the store seem clueless. They do get them directly from the Red Wing organization. Then I have spoken numerous times to the Marketing Manager and Supervisor from the Red Wings concerning this. They too seem disinterested to help, or know when and if this will be released. One of them even was going to send me the celebration photo, and did not seem to comprehend what I was looking for. If anyone has a lead on this, I too would appreciate it. With all the stuff they peddle and market, you would think they would have their act together. Short of calling Mr. I, I am not sure where to turn.
  4. 2008 Stanley Cup Parade available anywhere?

    I am looking for a DVD/VHS of the downtown parade that was broadcast on the local TV stations. WDIV does not sell tapes. The tape made for me did not turn out right, so I am disappointed. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Jimmy Howard

    Howard is ready. I see him gradually getting more and more playing time as the season wears on. If Osgood falters later in the year or gets injured, he will have shown fans he is capable by then. No need to spend any extra cap money on a goalie. If fact, Holland is going to be sitting pretty with a load of cash to spend. The thing is, the Wings have so many bright prospects waiting for their time, he might not have much to spend it on unless disaster strikes in the form of major injuries. Good insurance policy though.
  6. Thank you all for a wonderful time!

    Best of luck to you. When you get better, you can join all us Red Wing fans in Colorado at the Ass Can in Denver to welcome our Championship Red Wings into town next winter!
  7. Cheap tickets, game 4

    Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to make it down to Denver tonite. I have been to many games at the AssCan and McNichols Arena. All Wings fans must be LOUD and OBNOXIOUS tonight in a fun way. This has the potential to be a butt whipping. Everyone that goes to the AssCan knows how much the Divealanche fans and the media dislike us "transplants". Give then a good going away party tonight. Take over the AssCan! Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! A beautiful day in Colorado. Go Wings!
  8. Tonights Wings Game...Minus 30 Minutes!

    I paid for Center Ice which inclued the first two rounds of the playoffs. I better be able to see the WHOLE game! Gary and Directv better get it right. Why on earth should we all have to go through all of this!
  9. Pierre Maguire is a loathsome human being

    That little Turd Fondler Peeair made me almost throw a brick through the TV on Sat.. Do we have to put up with this for 4 rounds!! I do not think I can take it. I sent the NHL a letter about this weasal today. It won't make a difference though.
  10. Sign Abdelkader (now please)

    He looked great and now we need him. Funny things happen sometimes on the way to the Cup. He may be a piece of the puzzle when all is said and done. Who would have thought that last week. Not I. A little youthful excitement might help.
  11. Maltby Is The Man

    Kirk Maltby has been around since the beginning of the Cup years. He knows the system, the culture of the organization, and is proud to wear the winged wheel. He is worth the modest salary he earns, and plays his role well. There are only a few that have been around since this run began. Give him his due.
  12. Start Howard in Denver Monday

    Memo to Wings Mgmt: Why not start Howard against the Divealanche. It is the back end of two games in a row. There is a certain 7 year old boy going to his first pro game at the Can in Denver Monday nite with his father and older brother. Jimmy has been his favorite player the last couple of years. What could be more cool. He will be in the 8th row with his Wingnut on. Seriously though, we need to give the guy a chance to see what he has. Even though I have been a Red Wing fan for 40 years, our goalie situation always makes me a little paranoid because of injuries, and or someone running out of gas for whatever reason. We need to at least see if this is a soon to be reality.
  13. Altitude Announcers

    I live in Loveland, CO and find their fans quite entertaining. I have upset some of them so much in the past, a few have been thown out of the Can for missing me with their drinks. I wish I was there last night, but I will be there in Feb. with my 7 yr. old, and 16 yr. old son's in row 8. Cannot wait! According to the Mike Hanes legend, Roy out punched Osgood 55-1 in that fight. Some other idiotic quotes from Hanes--"Darren McCarty is a horrible human being", "Joe Sakic is the best clutch player of all time". I could go on. Last night we here in Colorado had to watch them because of the home rights issue that block other feeds. In the meantime, try and get down to the Can next time. Maybe us Red Wing fans can make up 50% of the crowd. It would drive them nuts!
  14. Altitude Announcers

  15. Time Warner C.I. not broadcasting DET/NSH Game?

    For anyone interested, you can call the NHL offices at (212) 789-2000. I spoke to a real human from their TV/radio side of operations (or so he said). He was aware of the problem last night. I got the # from the Red Wings media relations person after informing them if this circus.