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  1. Does anyone know when round 3 will start???? Trying to find out when home games one & two would be. My girlfriend works a rough schedule and would hate to buy tickets for her that she cant go to... I could always take a buddy, but she has never been to a playoff game and cant drop 300 bucks everyday. Can anyone help??? Much appreciated fellow wings fans
  2. Anyone been to the Wings' ticket exchange?

    Last year we had back to back seats in section 111 row 11&12 (offensive zone twice). Didnt believe anything worth while would be available come wed at 430 my slotted apointment time, but I was pleasantly suprised today. While there was two seats side by side behind the goal 14th row, we decided to pass on those for section 121. My brother and I took front to back seats in section 121 row 15&16 dead center ice. The view is unbelievable, not obstructed by any glare on the glass or that horrible net that is very obstructive imo. The upper bowl had some great seats still available, mostly in groups of 3 (some lower bowl groups of 3 were available as well in the corners). A guess on my part that there were a couple hundred seats that were available with white tags on them.
  3. Anyone been to the Wings' ticket exchange?

    my turn is today at 4:30, however I am sure I will be left with slim pickings
  4. Season Tickets

    Did any other season ticket holders recieve there relocation date/time? Got a phone call a few minutes ago and I received Wednesday at 430 Anyone else get there call?