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  1. aheer22

    What happened, Holland? Cap space for what?

    trade in your wings card, dude.. I would prefer that ignorant SOB's go follow a different team.. Hey, I have an idea.. Why dont you buy a card for whoever wins the cup every year? That way you have nothing to ***** about.. good riddance
  2. aheer22

    NHL Network

    for those of us stuck at work: anyone know if NHL.com will stream TSN's show like they did last year?
  3. Just got off the phone with Comcast.. after talking to 3 different people that had no idea what the NHL network was I finally got someone who said it was scheduled to launch Comcast wide in January 2008.. not sure how accurate as there are reports of Nov and also reports that people in other states are watching already on comcast.. I'm seriously annoyed now..
  4. aheer22

    Insane Junior A brawl

    did you see the size of number 7!!? dude looked like a 30 yr old out there with a bunch of teenagers.. honestly I think the kid had the right idea.. probably there star player and 7 was out there looking to start s***..
  5. MLB's network is set to launch in 2009 (per Mediaweek and sportsbusinessjournal).. 9:22 am on NOV 2nd and still no NHL Network on Comcast in Metro Det.. I have a couple friends on Direct TV and they are loving there NHL Network.. WHY MUST YOU CONTINUE TO TORMENT ME COMCAST!!!?
  6. aheer22

    No faith in Jimmy Howard?

    from everything I have read JHo is just lacking the day in day out consistency to move up to DET.. remember, in college they only play 2 games a weekend (except for the holidays when they play a couple weekday games followed by holiday tourneys).. the point made earlier is right on: goalies take a long time to develop.
  7. aheer22

    New Uniforms?

    heres a preview of whats to come..this is from 2 years ago so it wont be exactly the same (+ this is the Nike version).. the main point is dude looks like he is wearing his little sisters jersey (4 sizes too small)..
  8. aheer22

    New Uniforms?

    I hate the new streamlined jerseys on the players.. With pads on they look *** as hell.. However for the fan without pads I think it is a better overall fit (I have a new Team USA jersey and it is so much more comfortable then my Wings, Leafs and Habs jerseys)..
  9. aheer22

    Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    if it was on the ice then yeah I would shake your hand.. and I didnt call McCarty a 'waste of flesh on skates' for nothing.. so what, because Chelios is Wings I'm supposed to give him a break? no.. I'm hockey fan first, wings fan second and I'm not a blind homer..
  10. aheer22

    Should the Wings target UFA-to-be Giguere?

    who is the second number 1? Holland has already said J Ho is spending another year in GR.. if Ozzie were still a #1 he would be starting somewhere else..
  11. aheer22

    Should the Wings target UFA-to-be Giguere?

    unfortunately you do need a stellar goalie right now (see Legace led playoff debacle).. at this point in his career Ozzie is a back up.. plain and simple.. I would rather stand pat with the current forward group and bring in a stud goaltender than possibly waste a year with JHo and Ozzie in net.. I hate to sound like the idiot journalists, but you need a stud in goal to play into June.. I just think going with Flop Boy is taking too big of a risk..
  12. aheer22

    Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    no.. I did like Chris Chelios for a long time.. I like what he does on the ice, not necessarily his views or what he does off the ice.. thats why it bothers me that he did something classless on the ice.. and come on, 'too emotional'? You are one of the most feared warriors in the game.. hockey is a game of emotions.. you have to take the good with the bad and just suck it up...
  13. aheer22

    Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    what else is there to talk about? people just want to drop it cause he's wearing the winged wheel.. had he been wearing a retarded looking D this board would have been all over this for days.. + I'm at home with my pregnant bed ridden wife.. I havent been able to talk about this all week and am just now getting a chance to vent.. let some of us that didnt get to talk about this earlier in the week have our say as well..
  14. aheer22

    Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    uh.. no.. this is a huge topic.. he disrespected a major tradition.. without tradition the NHL becomes no better than its trash talking no heart cousin -- the NBA..
  15. aheer22

    Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Chelios is anything BUT a class act.. I respected him when he first came to the Wings but not anymore.. this is just the last straw in a long list of bush league acts by Chelios.. who the f*** cares? I do.. This game is about tradition.. I dont care how badly youve been beaten or disrespected.. you shake hands after a series..