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  1. I don't know if Ryan Whitney is any good - I think the injuries have taken its toll and playing on the Oilers have made him a lot worse than he actually is. I don't think the Wings are in a position to take on another Quincey type 'hope' project, though.

  2. I've always been of the opinion that you do not pay any goalie more than 5m per season. I don't care if it's Henrik Lundqvist or Patrick Rinne, no goaltender is worth that in a capped league. The biggest reason for this is the uncertainty of the position, when your big money goalie has a bad night they can cost you a game, when your big money forward or defensemen has a bad night it may result in a minus or zero points, but a loss isn't always the worst case scenario.

    In the case of Jimmy Howard, I think he's a really good goalie, I think he's a homegrown talent and we can win with him. But the problem is if he asks for more than 4m/season the best thing to do would be to let him walk. There's too many decent goalies available to wrap that much cap space into that position.

  3. hes good but not 7 million dollars good

    On a one year deal? He's definitely that good.

    Sounds like he wants out of there, why else sign just a one year deal? Caps must be going for broke next year I guess.

    He signed a one-year deal last time too, he's said he's more comfortable with it and the WSH GM says he'll sign him to one-year deals for the rest of his career.

  4. I was stuck at work so I thought I would listen to some hockey. I went to the NHL.com scoreboard couldn't find audio links to the games in progress. When did this happen? I've been listening to games through NHL.com for years.

    They did have video links, but there's a fee.

    The NHL gamecenter still does audio. Click on scores then game center and it should just start playing.

  5. Agreed.

    It seems like even with much less NHL experience, Ericsson has a better game smarts than Kronner.

    One thing about Ericsson is I know he has a cannon of a slapshot, but he seems pretty conservative in using it. With what I've seen, part of that seems like he has a long wind up so it takes time to get the shot off. Don't get me wrong, I like that he's holding back and making sure that his shot gets through and in deep. But I hope he keeps working on his slapper so he can use it more effectively from the point.

    I disagree, I think it just looks that way because while Ericsson carries the puck up ice he's no where near as aggressive nor is he asked to as aggressive.

    Kronwall needs to pick his spots better in some cases but he has a high hockey IQ when the puck is on his stick.

  6. Last year was an abberation with the cup hangover and the overabundance of fire power. The players knew they didn't have to focus a ton on defense and by the time the playoffs came around it was impossible to rectify.

    As for the McCrimmon argument, MacLean is still here and the past history nullifies the claim. McCrimmon would have to be a terrible coach and a tyrant to undue all of the teaching from previous coaches to make the PK be that bad and him be the sole reason. We have a veteran team, they know how to PK and don't need a lot of coaching.

    The PK will be much better this year, they have a year with the faceoff in the offensive zone under their belt and will be able to work around it.

  7. Opened the door? That happens like in every thread.

    I don't think I've ever started a thread where someone didn't open the door to something. The thread was about Franzen so I posted what I think about him.

    His goal scoring is no concern of mine. I know he'll be fine there when he's in the lineup. When he's not in the lineup, he won't be scoring goals.

    Don't be naive, every thread could (and more than likely does) turn into this type of debate.

    Talking about offense? Gotta mention toughness/fighting (i.e. which soft player won't go to the crease etc...)

    Defense? Gotta mention toughness/fighting. (why the Wings will fail because they don't have any crease clearers etc...)

    Wings sign a new player? Is he tough? Will he fight?

    Wings game day? Who on the other team makes it necessary for the Wings to carry an enforcer? Who is going to gun for Datsyuk or Zetterberg?

    So, sure. Everything is connected in some way, but beating a dead horse in every 'relevant' thread is obnoxious.

  8. Way to stay on topic :thumbup:

    Yeah, sorry Konnan the thread is gone now. It's the running theme around these parts.

    Anyway since it's already turned over in a ditch... Franzen should keep doing what he's doing, he draws penalties and is physical enough to back it up when it matters (between the whistles).

    All of the other nonsense (and it's not always nonsense) can read the signature.