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  2. Ryan Whitney

    I don't know if Ryan Whitney is any good - I think the injuries have taken its toll and playing on the Oilers have made him a lot worse than he actually is. I don't think the Wings are in a position to take on another Quincey type 'hope' project, though.
  3. Howard = Average

    I've always been of the opinion that you do not pay any goalie more than 5m per season. I don't care if it's Henrik Lundqvist or Patrick Rinne, no goaltender is worth that in a capped league. The biggest reason for this is the uncertainty of the position, when your big money goalie has a bad night they can cost you a game, when your big money forward or defensemen has a bad night it may result in a minus or zero points, but a loss isn't always the worst case scenario. In the case of Jimmy Howard, I think he's a really good goalie, I think he's a homegrown talent and we can win with him. But the problem is if he asks for more than 4m/season the best thing to do would be to let him walk. There's too many decent goalies available to wrap that much cap space into that position.
  4. Fantastic news. The amount of offensive zone time should improve and in turn, so should the defense.
  5. Semin re-signs 1 yr $6.7M

    On a one year deal? He's definitely that good. He signed a one-year deal last time too, he's said he's more comfortable with it and the WSH GM says he'll sign him to one-year deals for the rest of his career.
  6. Regular Season Start Date

    The season always starts after October 4th.
  7. Dump Schneider, sign Salei to a 3 year 9m deal. Sounds good to me, will give Kronner and Lebda a chance to show they can more than fill the offensive void left by Schneider.
  8. Larsson to Detroit

    It's in the GDT.
  9. Another idea for GM's - Shorten Season to 70-74 games

    Salaries would end up being lowered due to a lower cap because of less revenue.
  10. Red Wings > Pistons Attendance

    There was maybe 10k ppl at the palace.
  11. 2 games, 1 goal against...

    Datsyuk should be moved to public relations.
  12. Ye Olde Dilemna: Williams over Prosal

    Prospal didn't want to leave the East.
  13. 10/15 GDT: Kings, 2 at Red Wings, 5

    http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/20...yuk_to_sit.html Bertuzzi-Zetterberg-Cleary Leino-Filppula-Williams Helm-Abdelkader-Eaves Holmstrom-Draper-Maltby May (scratched) Lidstrom-Rafalski Kronwall-Stuart Ericsson-Lebda Meech (scratched) Osgood Howard
  14. http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/20...zen_out_fo.html
  15. How about updating salary chart?

  16. Pat Lafontaine wants a few rule changes

    Because that would be a dumb idea.
  17. Did NHL.com get rid of the audio links?

    Yes, there's an audio version of NHL gamecenter that's free.
  18. Did NHL.com get rid of the audio links?

    The NHL gamecenter still does audio. Click on scores then game center and it should just start playing.
  19. is Ericsson going to be better than Kronwall?

    I disagree, I think it just looks that way because while Ericsson carries the puck up ice he's no where near as aggressive nor is he asked to as aggressive. Kronwall needs to pick his spots better in some cases but he has a high hockey IQ when the puck is on his stick.
  20. Rafalski for Giguere? Yes or No?

    Did you watch him play last year? Giguere is done.
  21. I'd be absolutely astounded if the Wings aren't at least 4th in the West. This is baring any major injuries to major players of course.
  22. Can the Detroit Red Wings make history?

    Manny Legace? Giguere? Yikes.
  23. Eastern and Western Conference Predictions

    Washington Boston New Jersey Philadelphia Pittsburgh New York Rangers Carolina Toronto Detroit Anaheim Vancouver San Jose Chicago Calgary Dallas Los Angeles
  24. Fixing the Lousy PK

    Last year was an abberation with the cup hangover and the overabundance of fire power. The players knew they didn't have to focus a ton on defense and by the time the playoffs came around it was impossible to rectify. As for the McCrimmon argument, MacLean is still here and the past history nullifies the claim. McCrimmon would have to be a terrible coach and a tyrant to undue all of the teaching from previous coaches to make the PK be that bad and him be the sole reason. We have a veteran team, they know how to PK and don't need a lot of coaching. The PK will be much better this year, they have a year with the faceoff in the offensive zone under their belt and will be able to work around it.
  25. Do you think we can win

    Expecting the Wings to be a grind it out physical team for the first 60 games isn't realistic. It's too taxing on the players. The last 20 or so and the playoffs is where the physicality picks up. As for the question: Yes.